Hoping Pirates can turn back clock

I got my wish with the Pirates standing pat at the trade deadline this year.

I guess they learned from their mistakes of the last two years.

I even watched the Trade Deadline Show on ESPN on Wednesday with baited breath and was happy they didn’t make a move.

I don’t have an answer for the right-field production, or lack thereof, this year, but I’m thinking they can continue to tinker with that the rest of the year, and it won’t kill them.

I’m also thinking it might be time to bring back Bennie Benak and the Iron City Six or at least an updated version for pre-, in- and post-game entertainment and to get out those “Green Weenies.”

Perhaps an updated version of Chicken on the Hill, in honor of Willie Stargell, with Chick-Fil-A as the new sponsor.

Start playing “We Are Family” again as part of the seventh-inning stretch and bring in Phil “Scrap Iron” Garner to throw out a first pitch or ride around the field with the Pirate Parrot.

Just to be safe, let’s bring back the “Deacon,” Vernon Law, for religious purposes as well as pre- and post-game prayers.

Somewhere Rosey Rosewall, is telling the rest of the baseball world to “open the window Aunt Minnie, here it comes,” alluding to this year’s Bucs.” And as far as all of those non-winning seasons, I can almost hear “The Gunner,” Bob Prince, saying, “Going, going, gone … you can kiss them goodbye.”

Or perhaps, just perhaps, he’s saying, “We had ’em all the way!”

Will Walk

Spring, Texas