Tyrone’s Hoopsfest raises more than $200,000

TYRONE – For the past 13 years the Tyrone Hoopsfest has served as Central Pennsylvania’s largest three-on-three basketball tournament. In the past, Hoopsfest has been an event of friendly competition, giveaways and community.

This year was no different. With 750 players and nearly 3,000 in attendance, according to Jim Kilmartin of Joshua House Inc., Hoopsfest is still a vital event in the Tyrone community.

Cody Dickson has played in Hoopsfest for the past six years and his favorite thing about the event is that it brings different people from different areas together.

“I just enjoy being around different kids from different areas,” Dickson said. “Hoopsfest brings so much popularity to the town, and Tyrone is known for its sports and this really helps by bringing people here. It’s so enjoyable, it’s really fun.”

An event by Joshua House Inc. in Tyrone, Hoopsfest is equipped with a slam dunk contest, a 3-point contest and more than 200 teams with 19 divisions. This year’s event raised more than $200,000 according to Kilmartin and proceeds go towards the Joshua House Community Center and “helping children that the Joshua House works with,” according to Kilmartin. Hoopsfest is funded by sponsors including Sam’s Club, LEE Industries, Atlas Edge LLC, Dan Peter’s Billboards and many more.

Mizpa Glenny, eight-year Hoopsfest staff member, said Hoopsfest builds community in Tyrone.

“I think it’s a really fun event that people look forward to coming to every year,” Glenny said. “We’ve had people come for the past 13 years that we’ve held Hoopsfest so it’s kind of tradition now.”

Staff member Tracy Verilla said she “loves the atmosphere” that Hoopsfest brings to Tyrone each year.

“I love that new people come every year and that the same people come from previous years,” Verilla said. “I think it’s fun to fill the streets of Tyrone.”

This years Hoopsfest brought people from as far as Cleveland, OH., and past years from as far as Florida. Kilmartin said that Hoopsfest is such a success because of “God’s grace, the committment of volunteers and finding the right to do it.”

Hoopsfest is a creation of and benefits the Joshua House, a 501C (3) non-profit organization. According to the Hoopsfest website, the Joshua House is a “faith based organization that believes that Jesus can set you free, prosper your life and help you become the person He made you to be.” The Joshua House revolves around “academics, athletics and faith.”