Martin Oil the favorite again to take crown

Defending champion Martin Oil is the clear-cut favorite to win the George B. Kelley Federation again in 2013.

The Bellwood entry was picked by every team except itself.

Martin Oil went 16-2 in the regular season a year ago and won the Federation title with a 7-3 victory over ReMax Realty in Game 5 of the championship series. Bellwood returns almost all of that squad.

Dick’s Pharmacy will have a pitching rotation anchored by J Johnson, one of the top pitchers in the league a year ago.

The league, which will begin Wednesday, will once again feature just seven teams.

The following is a capsulized look at each team.

Corporal Miller/Reliance Bank

Manager: Ed Cheslock Jr.

Assistant coaches: Gary Neff, Jim McCaulley, Jordan Cheslock

Last year’s regular season record: 8-10

Returning players: Aaron Smith, 18, 1b-p; Cody Wilt, 18, 3b; Eric Neff, 18, ss-p; Taylor Williams, 18, rf; Kyler Spochart, 17, 2b; Matt Morris, 17, c-inf.; Lucas Imler, 17, lf; Corbin Stroh, 17, cf; Josh Huber, 17, c

Newcomers: Jeremy Yohn, 18; Trevor Martin, 18; Zaine Dodson, 17; James McCaulley, 16; Trentin Martin, 16; Morgan Litzinger, 16; Alec Nagle, 16; Jeremy Dugan, 16

Overall outlook: “We have a lot of youth at key positions, but also have a good but small group of 18-year-olds. If we gel quickly, playoffs are not out of the question.”

Team to beat: Martin Oil, Dick’s Pharmacy

D.C. Moyer

Manager: Steve Porter

Assistant coaches: Mark Page, Stuart Porter, Scott Porter

Returning players: Dustin Knox, 17, of; Jordan Luciano, 17, of; Damian Moist, 18, inf.-p; Sean Lytle, 17, inf.-p; Mason Ramos, 17, inf.; Stanley Owen, 17, of

Newcomers: Jonathon Eichenlaub, 16, 1b; Mark Page, 16, c; Noah Eberwine, 16, c; Tanner Belles, 16, inf.; Joseph Kinney, 16, 1b; Dominec Knisely, 16, inf.-c; Conner Gahagan, 16, of-p; Brandon Weyant, 16, inf.-of-p; Kyle Coury, 17, 1b-of-p; Dillen Aurant, inf.-p; Austin Roudabush, 16, inf.-of

Players lost: Mike Alexander, Clayton Wilson, Derek McNeely, Logan Lashley, Aaron Reigh, Bradley Bryant, Zachary McIntyre

Overall outlook: “Young and inexperienced with a lot of new players to work in. Hopefully we’ll pull it together by the time playoffs roll around.”

Team to beat: Martin Oil, ReMax Realty, Dick’s Pharmacy

Dick’s Pharmacy

Manager: Pat Yon

Assistant coaches: Rob Kyle, Calvin Yon, Allen Wilson, Taylor Yon, Mike Alexander

Returning players: Kenny McElhinney, 18, inf.-of; J Johnson, 18, p-of; Ethan Adams, 18, of-p; Justin Wolfe, 18, inf.-p; Dylan Oswalt, 18, of-p; Chris Sinisi, 18, inf.-p; Ryan Knott, 17, inf.-of; Terrance Futrell, 17, of; Nick Eckenrode, 17, c-inf.; Sean Kyle, 17, of

Newcomers: Branden Lytle, 17, inf.-p; Justin DeGennaro, 17, inf.-p; Nick Lytle, 16, c-inf.-p; Zack Martynuska, 16, inf.-of; Thad Campbell, 16, inf.-of-p; David Stosch, 16, inf.; Tyler Walker, 16, of; Steven Weston, 16, of

Players lost: Taylor Yon, Nate Morgan, Ryan Steinbugl, Killian Steinbugl, Andy Scalice, Brent McIntire

Overall outlook: “Competitive, as the team continues to mature, we should get better. Our goal is to make the playoffs and achieve our goals.”

Team to beat: Martin Oil

Locker Room/McDonald’s

Manager: Rob Emeigh

Assistant coaches: Frank Swalga, Mark Emeigh, Marty Stern, Bill Helsel, Lou Miller, Jim Hammel

Last year’s record: 1-17

Returning players: Matt Judd, 2b; Chris McHugh, lf; Ashton Gill, 1b; Levi Wyandt, ss; Kyle Trexler, of; Jacob Custer, of; Conner Foor, of; Jared Boober, of; Tanner Nichols, 3b; Jeremy Yohn, c; Jake Barton, 3b

Newcomers: Nate Dimick, p; Nick Miller, p; Tyler Hammel, of; Van Lanzendorfer, rf; Nick Centar, of

Overall outlook: “We have a great group of kids that just want to play ball. Looking forward to a fun season.”

Team to beat: All of them

Martin Oil

Manager: Ron Mock

Career record: 24-8

Assistant coaches: Tim Kovac, Bob Miller, Norm Stapleton, Wayne Hunter

Last year’s regular season record: 16-2

Returning players: Casey Gray, 17, inf.-p; Danny Beech, 18, of-p; Haden DeGennaro, 18, of; Jake Stapleton, 17, of-p; Nathaniel Soellner, 16, inf.-p; Randy Zitterbart, 16, inf.-p; Seth Hunter, 18, inf.-p; Tanner Snyder, 16, inf.-p; Trenton Creppage, 15, c; Tristan Lingafelt, 16, inf.-p; Zach Mock, 16, of-p

Newcomers: Tyler Campbell, 18, inf.; Cory Parson, 15, inf.-p; Sawyer Kline, 15, of-p

Players lost: Josh Wertman

Overall outlook: “With an athletic and talented group of young men returning and some newcomers who are able to step in, we hope to have another successful season.”

Team to beat: ReMax Realty, Park Furniture

Park Furniture

Manager: Scott McClellan

Assistant coaches: Kenny Brazile, Chris Maier, Bart Kitt

Returning players: Kyle Ainsworth, 18, ss; Summer Feathers, 18, of; Tyler Negri, 18, of; Robbie Yahner, 18, c-inf.; Josh Price, 18, of; Jordan Rabits, 18, of-p-inf.; Dalton Price, 18, p-of-c; Tommy Walter, 17, inf.; Adam Boslet, 17, inf.; A.J. Fink, 17, of; Andy Matzik, 17, of-p-inf.; Colin Price, 17, inf.-c; Jeremiah Price, 17, of

Newcomers: Mason McGinnis, 17, c-p-of-inf.; Zach Skelley, 16, 3b-p; Josh DeGol, 16, inf.-p; Dylan Adams, 16, p-of; Ben Foose, 16, p-inf; Tyler Luciano, 16, of

Players lost: Dylan Barroner, Curt Hoover

Overall outlook: “We should be competitive.”

Team to beat: Martin Oil

ReMax Realty

Manager: Brian Mercer

Assistant coaches: Sean Albright, Bill Wolf, Dale Rogers

Returning players: Austin DeBernardis, 18, of-p; Adam Hershey, 18, of-c; Elliot Robertson, 18, inf.-of-p; Ethan Wise, 18, inf.; Marcus Wolf, 18, inf.; Travis Funcheon, 17, inf.-of-p; Kristian Mirenda, 17, of-p; Connor Schmitt, 17, inf.

Newcomers: Travis Baker, 18, inf.-p; Tyler Martynuska, 18, inf.; Luke Adams, 16, of-p; Mike Kozak, 16, of-inf.; Jim Marquette, 16, inf.-p; Alex Martynuska, 16, c-p; Nick Thomas, 16, inf.-p; Yancy Vaught, 16, of; Matt Dalto, 15, c-inf.-of-p

Players lost: Dustin Albright, Kenny Dalto, Marshall Johnson, Nick Johnson, Nate Sanders, Ryan Wilkenson

Overall outlook: “Like the other teams in this league, we are hoping to have a successful season. As long as we stay healthy, we should be comeptitive.”

Team to beat: Martin Oil