Cove has strong showing at bowling tourney

It was a good night for the Cove.

Stacy Crum and Mike Weicht, who grew up in the southern part of Blair County, honing their bowling skills at what is now Huntsman Lanes in Martinsburg, won the Altoona Mirror Bowler of the Year Tournament Thursday night at the Bavarian Hall, with Crum capturing the ladies title while Weicht took home the men’s honor.

“Oh my gosh, I have known him for 20 years or more. He bowled in the same league as my parents for years and years,” said Crum, who in her third BOY tournament rolled an 852 series for top honors. “I’ve known him since I was a kid … I think it’s pretty cool.”

Weicht did Crum one better, as he was bowling in only his second BOY tourney ever and came up with a 962 series.

“I told her [afterword] that I think it’s pretty cool that two Co-vites came here and won this tournament,” Weicht said.

Crum was in the running last year for the tournament at Holiday Bowl before bowing out to Brenda Miller and Donna Bertoldi, who finished first and second, respectively. This time the night belonged to Crum, who rolled a 214-245-225-168 for her series.

“I’ve been bowling really well this year, so I was optimistic coming in,” she said. “I just got it in my head to do what I know how to do and keep my head in the game.”

Jill Brown had the lead after round one with a 258 before Crum got into the mix. Then after three rounds, Brenda Hallett, who placed second, entered the picture with a big game.

“I guess after I rolled the 279, I noticed, but I try not to pay attention to my score or anybody’s score,” said Hallett, who was in her 11th BOY tournament. “I think it’s an honor to just compete in this. I almost changed my mind and didn’t come [tonight] but let’s just say I was told to come to it and I am glad I did.”

Crum and Hallett were in the same group, along with Julie Fox and Miller, the defending champ.

“It was a friendly competition between Brenda and me so I really didn’t get nervous,” Crum said.

The duo just recently competed in another tournament in Altoona prior to Thursday’s event at the F.A. Gerhart Lanes.

“We did very well in that tournament,” added Hallett, who pointed out that finishing second was her highest placement ever. “I usually finish last at these things so I was just happy to not finish last this time.”

Weicht was far from last, finishing with a 235-258-267-202 series for a 962. After the first round, he was looking up at Tom Falbo – the women’s bowling coach at St. Francis – who led the way with a 268.

“I wasn’t sure how I would do up here because I haven’t bowled here in a year, but I guess things worked out pretty well,” Weicht said. “I just try to go frame by frame, but I felt like I was getting nice looks and it’s all a matter of pin carries, too. I just think it’s pretty neat that Brenda and Stacy both bowl in my Saturday league, and so does Don Butch, who won the senior [BOY] tourney. That’s pretty darn cool if you ask me.”

John Stiffler and Scott Kephart were the only two who had a chance to pass Weicht going into their final game. The duo didn’t catch him, but they did finish tied for second at 909.

“I left a lot of pins out there,” said Stiffler, who was coming off a tournament in upstate New York where he rolled a 300. “I was really looking forward to this. My goal was to win this, absolutely that was my goal. I thought I was going to win this, but I can’t feel too bad.”

Stiffler, who says he’s been to more than a dozen BOY tourneys, rolled a 235-213-232-229. Kephart, in only his third BOY event, rolled a 212-279-217-201.

“I had the 213 to open and when I got the 279, I knew I had a chance,” Kephart said. “I just tried to stay with it from there. I remember being nervous the first time I bowled in one of these things, but I just tried to keep myself calm. I am used to bowling at Holiday [Bowl] and sometimes if I go somewhere else, I get nervous, but I have been here before so I just stayed with it.”

Tourney notes: Only 17 of the 38 registered men competed in the event, while just 10 of the registered 29 women bowled in the event … Steve Kutruff, president of the Altoona Men’s Bowling Association, was on hand to present a championship ring to Weicht after the tournament … Miller, last year’s ladies champ, finished with a 731. The men’s defending champion, Scott Zimmerer, did not compete … Hallett’s 279 was the highest individual score by a woman. The highest rolled for the men was Kephart’s 279.


Stacy Crum 214-245-225-168: 852; Brenda Hallett 202-181-279-170: 832; Julie Fox 202-209-201-188: 800; Jill Brown 258-181-167-174: 780; Brenda Miller 204-176-170-181: 731; Teresa Preston 181-133-235-178: 727; Karen Mentzer 162-185-161-213: 721; Brenda Flick 160-144-175-222: 701; Brandi Noye 153-179-194-170: 696; Cheryl Rupp 204-146-151-189: 690


Mike Weicht 235-258-267-202: 962; John Stiffler 235-213-232-229: 909; Scott Kephart 212-279-217-201: 909; Tom Falbo 268-194-179-266: 907; John Slowik, Jr. 225-194-246-240: 905; Don Stolz Jr. 205-231-193-258: 887; Shawn Smith 214-199-214-258: 885; Justin Horton 237-200-216-192: 845; Artie Fink 248-186-184-225: 843; Greg Lee 258-183-194-200: 835; Doug Hoffman 196-183-225-227: 831; Tony Sobczak 206-202-218-204: 830; Brad Himes 213-211-214-190: 828; Al Brubaker 203-183-216-220: 822; Jeff Lego 160-234-183-227: 804; Dylan Lafferty 191-227-188-180: 786; Tim Noye Jr. 176-163-159-267: 765