Couples showing off his gratitude

It was nice to see Fred Couples’ induction ceremony to the World Golf Hall of Fame last week.

The sweet-swinging Couples may have seemed to an underachiever to some over his career, but he did manage to notch 15 PGA victories, including the 1992 Masters.

His lasting impression to golf fans, though, will always be that beautiful swing and his cool disposition on the course – always carefree and under control.

That same demeanor was evident through most of his induction speech – until right at the end, when a rare display of emotion caused Couples to tear up as he gave a heart-filled thanks to all those who helped him along the way.

Grow up, Sergio

Sergio Garcia’s meltdown at the end of last week’s Players Championship was preceded by yet another public cry of unfairness.

On Saturday, the brooding Spaniard publicly complained that Tiger Woods had intentionally caused a distraction, resulting in crowd noise that disrupted his swing and apparently causing him to hit a poor shot into the woods.

It’s not the first time Garcia has openly blamed his bad play on someone – or something – other than himself. It’s not surprising that Garcia’s once vast potential has resulted, at least to this point, in exactly zero major championships.

Scotch Valley Invite

One of the victims of this spring’s lousy golfing weather has been Scotch Valley’s annual Two-Ball Invitational.

Originally set for this weekend, the event has been re-scheduled due to a limited field – likely caused by the reduced amount of reasonable playing time caused this spring’s cold, wet weather.

Scotch Valley head pro D.R. Long says the event is now rescheduled for June 22-23 and will likely remain in June for next year.