First night is all Ridge

WINDBER – Tyler Dibert began his march toward a fourth consecutive District 5 wrestling title Friday night in impressive fashion. He advanced to today’s semifinals with a pin in 1:43.

Dibert leads a group of 10 Lions who will wrestle in the semifinals today at Windber High School.

Joining Dibert in the semifinals are Aaron Burkett (106), Blake Dunlap (113), Derrick Claar (120), Trent Crouse (126), Conner Buttry (152), Bradie Bollman (160), Dan Albright (195), Brad Winegardner (220) and Austin Buttry (285). Jerimiah Zimmerman just missed out on being the 11th wrestler in the semifinals, losing a tight 4-3 match to Braeden Fochtman of Berlin Brothersvalley.

“We wrestled very well today,” said Chestnut Ridge coach Greg Lazor. “We have 10 wrestlers in the semifinals, and four other wrestlers are still in. There were a couple of close matches. We won some of those and lost some of them.”

One wrestler who caught Lazor’s attention was Conner Buttry. Buttry defeated Everett’s Ejai Rock, who came into the contest with a 19-6 record.

“Conner Buttry had a good win,” said Lazor. “He beat a quality kid. Conner looked really good tonight.”

In the team standings, Chestnut Ridge holds a 14-point lead, 62-48, over Meyersdale. Bedford (47.5), Somerset (46.5), and Berlin (42) rounded out the top five teams.

“The semifinals are where it is at,” said Lazor. “That is where you can get a lot of points. In a small tournament, you need to win the majority of those matches.”

Northern Bedford was tied with North Star for seventh place (33 points). Everett (20 points) is in 10th place, and Tussey Mountain (10 points) is in 11th place.

Bedford coach Brian Creps was not as thrilled with his team’s performance as it moved eight into the semifinals.

“We won the matches where we were the higher seed, but lost the ones where we were the lower seed,” said Creps. “Chance Williams wrestled a nice match, but had a tough overtime loss. Hopefully he can bounce back.

“We have eight in the semifinals tomorrow. The semifinals are the big time. To punch your ticket to regionals, you need to win in the semifinals. Hopefully we can go 8-for-8 tomorrow.”

The Bisons who wrestled into the semifinals were: Jonathan Gabriel (106), Jake Warren (113), Ryan Easter (120), Garrett Thomas (126), Toby Brett (138), Tanner Williams (152), Caleb Grimes (170) and Michael Brett (182). Bedford has three wrestlers who will try to earn a spot at regionals by working their way through the wrestlebacks.

Northern Bedford 145 pounder Drew Gartland reached a milestone in his 7-0 victory last night. Gartland’s win was the 100thof his career.

“Drew looked a little cautious,” said Northern Bedford coach Brian Dutchcot. “I think that the 100thwin was on his mind. I look for him to continue to do even better tomorrow. He will be able to wrestle carefree after getting his 100thwin.”

As a team, the Panthers advanced five wrestlers into the semifinals. Trey Childers (106), Mason Replogle (132), Damian Corle (138) and Duelin Douglas (170) also advanced.

“Overall, we wrestled well as a team,” said Dutchcot. “We brought 12 wrestlers, and are bringing back 11 wrestlers tomorrow. That is a good sign. Tomorrow, anything can happen.

“Childers and Douglas are wrestling number one seeds, so they have their work cut out for them. Replogle lost to [Tanner] Hetrick in the dual meet, so he will be looking for revenge. Mason is looking for a district title. That would be a nice way for him to go out as a senior.”

Everett only advanced one wrestler into the semifinals in third-seeded Dalton Klotz (21-6) at 106. However, Warriors coach Rob Ripple stressed the positives.

“This is a tough tournament,” said Ripple. “There is a lot of depth. This is a good experience for your young kids.”

In addition to Klotz, Everett will have five wrestlers competing in the wrestlebacks.

Tussey Mountain coach John Husick had a long wait before he saw any of his wrestlers advance into the semifinals. Shad Brumbaugh finally broke through for the Titans at 195. Mitchell Hall (285) was the only other Tussey Mountain wrestler to advance.

“We have not wrestled to our potential,” said Husick. “This has been a rough tournament. It was good to see Brumbaugh and Hall get wins. Tomorrow, we should have those two wrestlers in the finals.”

Only three other Titans will return tomorrow to compete in the wrestlebacks.

District 5 Class AA Wrestling Tournament

Team standings and key

1. Chestnut Ridge (CR) 62; 2. Meyersdale (M) 48; 3. Bedford (BD) 47.5; 4. Somerset (SO) 46.5; 5. Berlin Brothersvalley (BB) 42; 6. Conemaugh Township (CT) 38; 7. North Star (NS) 33; 7. Northern Bedford (NB) 33; 9. Hyndman (H) 31; 10. Everett (E) 20; 11. Tussey Mountain (TM) 10; 12. Shade (SH) 4.


106 Kat Luteri, SO, major dec. Aaron Griffith, CT, 12-2; Lenny Beeman, NS, pinned Blake Sheehan, SH, :50; Tanner Clites, H, pinned Emil Kiesnowski, BB, :53. 120 Jared Hesley, NB, pinned Dylan Park, TM, 5:01; Damian Jano, SO, tech. fall Jacob Musselman, H, 16-0, 2:00; Brady McKenzie, M, tech. Fall Mahlon Akers, E, 15-0, 4:00. 126 David Dietz, SH, pinned Joey Bryner, E, 5:19. 132 Matt Bridge, CT, dec. Mike Manges, SH, 8-5; Colby Hillegass, CR, pinned Anthony Hall, E, 2:25; Kyle Mehle, BD, pinned Michael Baker, NS, 3:31. 138 Casey Berchick, CT, dec. Matthew Duvall, TM, 8-6, OT; Shayne Rininger, E, pinned Bailey Phillipps, SO, 3:24. 145 Luke Lepley, NS, major dec. Kenneth Collins, BD, 13-0.

152 Tyler Clites, H, dec. Kody Williams, SO, 13-11; Ejai Rock, E, pinned Tim Hines, M, :56. 160 David Stanton, M, dec. Cody Sheeder, E, 10-6; Austin Connor, NS, dec. Lucas Kolinchak, NB, 9-4. 170 Thomas Hocket, SO, pinned Skyler Brumbaugh, TM, 5:38; Thomas Miller, NS, dec. Ryan Landis, BB, 4-0; Ryan Shifflett, CT, pinned Jarrett Brantner, E, :57. 182 Teddy Albright, CR, pinned Zach Claycomb, E, 1:27. 220 Zack Svencer, CT, pinned Sam Sosak, TM, 5:05; Eli Claycomb, E, dec. Ty Smith, M, 5-2. 285 Ben Shaw, CT, pinned Brad Vinisky, NS, 1:15.


106 Jonathan Gabriel, BD, pinned Luteri, SO, 1:20; Trey Childers, NB, dec. Trevor Thomas, M, 9-2; Dalton Koontz, E, pinned Beeman, NS, 2:48; Aaron Burkett, CR, pinned Clites, H, 1:21. 113 Garret Foster, SO, dec. Robby Snyder, H, 4-2; Blake Dunlap, CR, pinned Thomas DeArmitt, BB, 5:32; Jake Warren, BD, dec. Ben Stover, E, 10-3. 120 Ryan Easter, BD, tech. Fall Helsley, NB, 16-1, 2:34; Kody Ofsanko, CT, pinned Tayte Mostoller, NS, :45; Derrick Claar, CR, pinned Jano, SO, 1:25; Joe Swank, BB, pinned McKenzie, M, 3:06. 126 Garrett Thomas, BD, pinned Dietz, SH, :23; Sheldon Wagner, SO, pinned Edward Custer, BB, :57; Collin Day, M, pinned Fredric Weimert, TM, 3:06; Trent Crouse, CR, pinned Judah Gonchnour, NB, 2:36. 132 Chris Miller, BB, major dec. Bridge, CT, 17-5; Jon Fabian, SO, pinned Chris Gibbner, H, 3:14; Mason Replogle, NB, dec. Hillegass, CR, 4-0; Tanner Hetrick, M, tech. Fall Mehle, BD, 23-8, 5:48. 138 Toby Brett, BD, pinned Berchick, CT, 1:22; Braeden Fochtman, BB, dec. Jeremiah Zimmerman, CR, 4-3; Tevin Mostoller, NS, dec. Hunter Lantz, M, 6-2; Damian Corle, NB, pinned Rininger, E, 3:54. 145 Drew Gartland, NB, dec. Lepley, NS, 7-0; Mike Laue, SO, dec. Eric Darr, BB, 6-2; Seth Deist, M, pinned Quinn Barnett, TM, 1:08; Tanner Cahill, CT, dec. Kyle Winegardner, CR, 5-1.

152 Tanner Williams, BD, pinned Clites, H, 1:20; Cory Fritch, NS, dec. Blake Miller, BB, 5-3; Conner Buttry, CR, major dec. Rock, E, 10-2; Taylor Cahill, CT, tech. Fall Hines, M, 20-5, 4:57. 160 Bryce Fochtman, BB, pinned Stanton, M, 5:33; Richard Moskey, H, dec. Ryan Grosik, CT, 11-6; Landon Lohr, SO, major dec. Wyatt Brumbaugh, TM, 16-4; Bradie Bollman, CR, pinned Connor, NS, 5:23. 170 Tyler Dibert, CR, pinned Hocket, SO, 1:43; Duelin Douglas, NB, major dec. Steven Miller, H, 15-4; Caleb Grimes, pinned Miller, NS, 3:12; Bill Dunbar, M, dec. Shifflett, CT, 7-2. 182 Gavin Berkley, M, major dec. Albright, CR, 9-0; Logan Eller, SO, major dec. Justin Brunner, NB, 13-3; Hunter Connor, NS, dec. Andrew Gowarty, CT, 11-4; Michael Brett, BD, pinned Shane Pepper, BB, 1:38. 195 Jacob Nickelson, SO, pinned Robert Minnich, BD, 1:12; Shad Brumbaugh, TM, pinned Derick Eichelberger, NB, 3:28; Stew Trulick, BB, pinned Kevin Horner, NS, 2:37; Dan Albright, CR, pinned Brandon Bittinger, E, 1:10. 220 James Bennett, H, pinned Svencer, CT, :36; Mitchell Walker, BB, major dec. Trevor Brown, SH, 13-3; Levi Albright, NS, dec. Chance Williams, BD, 5-3, OT; Brad Winegardner, CR, dec. Claycomb, E, 3-1. 285 Mitchell Hall, TM, pinned Shaw, CT, :57; Anthony Collins, BB, pinned Justin Easter, BD, 4:22; Dylan Emerick, H, pinned Chase Ott, NB, 3:29; Austin Buttry, CR, pinned Cody Edwards, SH, :34.

First-Round Consolations

106 Luteri, SO, pinned Kiesnowski, BB, 4:40; Clites, H, major dec. Griffith, CT, 13-0. 120 Helsley, NB, major dec. Akers, E, 10-0; Mostoller, NS, pinned Musselman, NB, :30; McKenzie, M, pinned Park, TM, 3:57. 126 Gonchnour, NB, injury def. Bryner, E. 132 Bridge, CT, dec. Baker, NS, 6-0; Gibbner, H, pinned Hall, E, 2:01; Manges, SH, dec. Mehle, BD, 9-5. 138 Berchick, CT, pinned Phillips, SO, 1:25; Rininger, E, dec. Duvall, TM, 4-3. 145 Winegardner, CR, dec. Collins, BD, 2-1.

152 Clites, H, pinned Husick, TM, 3:49; Miller, BB, pinned Clapper, NB, :35; Hines, M, pinned Williams, SO, 2:07. 160 Kolinchak, NB, dec. Stanton, M, 6-1; Connor, NS, pinned Sheeder, E, 2:06. 170 Hocket, SO, pinned Brantner, E, 1:17; Shifflett, CT, tech. Fall Brumbaugh, TM, 15-0, 3:51. 182 Pepper, BB, pinned Claycomb, E, :39. 220 Smith, M, pinned Svencer, CT, :34; Claycomb, E, pinned Sosak, TM, 1:14. 285 Edwards, SH, dec. Vinisky, NS, 13-9.