Chestnut Ridge shows why it’s king once again

WINDBER – Chestnut Ridge followed up its District 5 Duals title by winning the District 5 individual tournament by 31.5 points, 194-162.5, over Bedford and had two champions, five runners-up and nine Southwest Regional Tournament qualifiers.

It was Chestnut Ridge’s second straight District 5 championship.

“I think we wrestled well,” said Ridge coach Greg Lazor, who was voted District 5 Coach of the Year. “To pull nine out of a very tough district is a nice accomplishment. We lost a lot of close ones in the finals, but we wrestled tough.”

Leading the way for the Lions was Tyler Dibert, who defeated Bedford’s Caleb Grimes, 8-2, in the 170-pound finals bout for his fourth District 5 title. He’s the first Ridge wrestler to win four titles since Lester McLucas won his fourth in 1961.

“That’s great to see,” Ridge coach Greg Lazor said. “That’s something that doesn’t happen too often. He’s a first-class kid, and he does everything you ask of him. I’m very proud of him.”

Ridge’s Dan Albright won the 195-pound title with a pin of Tussey Mountain’s Shad Brumbaugh in 2:57. It was Albright’s second title.

“Albright did well,” Lazor said. “He controlled the match, locked up the cradle and is a two-time district champ.”

Ridge’s Aaron Burkett (106), Blake Dunlap (113), Trent Crouse (126), Brad Winegardner (220) and Austin Buttry (285) finished second.

Bedford had five champions and two runners-up. Jonathan Gabriel (106), Ryan Easter (120), Garrett Thomas (126), Toby Brett (138) and Tanner Williams (152) won titles, and Grimes and Michael Brett (182) fell in the finals.

Gabriel earned a 6-0 win over Burkett. Easter captured his third district title with a 5-0 win over Berlin Brothersvalley’s Joe Swank, and Thomas hit a four-point at the end of the second period to win another epic against Crouse, 6-4.

“They were too alley cats going at it again,” Lazor said. “We about had him, but we gave up four points in the last three seconds when he reversed us to our back. That was a killer. It was a great match. It’s something everyone wants to see. Neither of them knows what stalling is.”

Toby Brett defeated Northern Bedford’s Damian Corle, 14-8, while Williams earned a 4-2 overtime win over Taylor Cahill. Michael Brett dropped a 7-2 decision to Meyersdale’s Gavin Berkley.

Northern Bedford had three runners-up. In addition to Corle, Mason Replogle (132) and Drew Gartland (145) also lost. Gartland was pinned by Conemaugh Township’s Tanner Cahill in overtime, and Cahill was voted the Outstanding Wrestler. It was Gartland’s first loss.

Berlin’s Chris Miller beat Replogle, 5-4.

“The Big 3 have led us all year,” NBC coach Brian Dutchcot said. “We knew they could get to the finals, and it was just a matter of whether they could be champions, but they faced some tough competition.”

Dunlap dropped an 8-4 decision to Meyersdale’s Bill Charlton. Winegardner was beaten by Hyndman’s James Bennett, 4-1.

Tussey Mountain’s Mitchell Hall captured the 285-pound title with a 3-1 over Buttry.

The Lions had the title wrapped up even before the championship finals started.

“We’ve been getting so much support from the community and the fans and the school,” Lazor said. “It’s the biggest supporting cast ever.”



1. Chestnut Ridge (CR) 194; 2. Bedford (BD) 162.5; 3. Berlin Brothersvalley (BB) 137; 4. Meyersdale (MY) 135; 5. Somerset (SO) 102.5; 6. Northern Bedford (NB) 94; 7. Conemaugh Township (CT) 83; 8. Hyndman (HY) 76; 9. North Star (NS) 57; 10. Tussey Mountain (TM) 44; 11. Everett (EV) 28; 12. shade (SH) 7.


106-Gabriel, BD, pinned Childers, NB, 1:24; Burkett, CR, pinned Klotz, EV, 3:28. 113-Charlton, MY, maj. dec. Foster, SO, 16-6; Dunlap, CR, dec. Warren, BD, 6-0. 120-Easter, BD, pinned Ofsanko, CT, 2:57; Swank, BB, dec. Claar, CR, 8-3. 126-Thomas, BD, pinned Wagner, SO, 4:21; Crouse, CR, pinned Day, MY, 1:58. 132-Miller, BB, dec. Wagner, So, 6-0; Replogle, NB, maj. dec. Hetrick, MY, 9-1. 138-Brett, BD, dec. Fochtman, BB, 7-5; Corle, NB, dec. Mostoller, NS, 6-3. 145-Gartland, NB, dec. Laue, SO, 7-1; Cahill, CT, dec. Deist, MY, 8-2 152-Williams, BD, dec. Fritch, NS, 8-2; Cahill, CT, dec. Buttry, CR, 10-4. 160-Fochtman, BB, dec. Moskey, HY, 7-3; Lohr, SO, dec. Bollman, CR, 6-5. 170-Dibert, CR, pinned Douglas, NB, 1:17; Grimes, BD, dec. Dunbar, MY, 11-7 (TB). 182-Berkley, MY, maj. dec. Eller, SO, 10-2; Brett, BD, pinned Connor, NS, 4:30. 195-Brumbaugh, TM, pinned Nickelson, SO, 2:42; Albright, CR, pinned Trulick, BB, 4:38. 220-Bennett, HY, dec. Walker, BB, 3-2; Winegardner, CR, dec. Albright, NS, 3-2 (TB). 285-Hall, TM, pinned Collins, BB, 1:00; Buttry, CR, pinned Emerick, HY, 2:15.

Consolation quarterfinals

106-Thomas, MY, dec. Kat Luteri, SO, 7-5; Cllites, HY, pinned Beeman, MY, 1:46. 113-Snyder, HY, bye; DeArmitt, BB, pinned Stover, EV, 2:30. 120-Helsley, NB, pinned Mostoller, NS, 4:26; McKenzie, MY, dec. Jano, SO, 5-0. 126-Custer, BB, pinned Dietz, SH, :36; Weimert, TM, dec. Gochnour, NB, 6-1. 132-Bridge, CT, pinned Gibbner, HY, 2:59; Manges, SH, dec. Hillegass, CR, 8-4. 138-Zimmerman, CR, dec. Berchick, CT, 9-2; Lantz, MY, maj. dec. Rininger, EV, 13-2. 145-Darr, BB, dec. Lepley, NS, 6-0; Winegardner, CR, dec. Barnett, TM, 7-3. 152-Miller, BB, pinned Clites, HY, 1:50; Rock, EV, dec. Hines, MY, 4-3. 160-Grosik, CT, dec. Kolinchak, NB, 4-0; Connor, NS, maj. dec. Brumbaugh, TM, 9-0. 170-Miller, HY, pinned Hocket, SO, 3:13; Shifflett, CT, dec. Miller, NS, 8-3. 182-Brunner, NB, dec. Albright, CR, 7-5; Pepper, BB, maj. dec. Gowarty, CT, 9-1. 195-Minnich, BD, inj. forfeit over Eichelberger, NB; Horner, NS, pinned Bittinger, EV, :52. 220-Smith, MY, pinned Brown, SH, 2:42; Claycomb, EV, dec. Williams, BD, 3-2. 285-Shaw, CT, pinned Easter, BD, 1:47; Ott, NB, pinned Edwards, SH, 2:15.

Consolation Semifinals

106-Klotz, EV, dec. Trevor Thomas, EV, 1-0; Childeres, NB, maj. dec. Tanner Clites, 10-0. 113-Snyder, HY, dec. Jake Warren, BD, 5-1; Foster, SO, pinned Tommy DeArmitt, 4:33. 120-Claar, CR, pinned Jared Helsley, NB, :43; Ofsanko, CT, dec. Brady McKenzie, 4-2. 126-Day, MY, pinned E.J. Custer, 4:54; Wagner, SO, maj. dec. Fredric Weimert, 11-2. 132-Hetrick, MY, dec. Matt BridgMe, CT, 3-2; Fabian, SO, maj. dec. Mike Manges, SH, 11-2. 138-Mostoller, NS, maj. dec. Jerimiah Zimmerman, CR, 10-2; Fochtman, BB, pinned Hunter Lantz, :53. 145-Deist, MY, maj. dec. Eric Darr, BB, 13-3; Winegardner, CR, dec. Mike Laue, SO, 5-3 (OT). 152-Miller, BB, dec. Conner Buttry, CR, 14-8; Fritch, NS, dec. Ejai Rock, EV, 5-3. 160-Bollman, dec. Ryan Grosik, CT, 9-2; Moskey, HY, dec. Austin Connor, NS, 2-1. 170-Dunbar, MY, dec. Steven Miller, HY, 9-4; Douglas, NB, dec. Ryan Shifflett, CT, 2-1. 182-Connor, NS, dec. Justin Brunner, NB, 5-1; Eller, SO, pinned Shane Pepper, BB, 2:40. 195-Trulick, BB, pinned Robert Minnich, BD, 1:42; Nickelson, SO, pinned Kevin Horner, NS, :50. 220-Smith, MY, dec. Levi Albright, NS, 13-6; Walker, BB, dec. Eli Claycomb, EV, 5-0. 285-Emerick, HY, pinned Ben Shaw, CT, 1:31; Collins, BB, pinned Chase Ott, NB, :43.

Consolation Finals

106-Childers, NB, maj. dec. Koontz, EV, 13-2. 113-Foster, SO, dec. Snyder, HY, 6-1. 120-Claar, CR, pinned Ofsanko, CT, 1:48. 126-Day, MY, dec. Wagner, SO, 3-0. 132-Hetrick, MY, pinned Fabian, SO, 4:43. 138-Fochtman, BB, dec. Mostoller, NS, 9-3. 145-Deist, MY, dec. Winegardner, CR, 7-1. 152-Fritch, NS, dec. Miller, BB, 9-4. 160-Bollman, CR, dec. Moskey, HY, 8-4. 170- Dunbar, MY, maj. dec. Douglas, NB, 10-2. 182-Eller, SO, pinned Connor, NS, 4:17. 195- Nickelson, SO, dec. Trulick, BB, 8-6. 220-Walker, BB, dec. Smith, MY, 3-1. 285; Emerick, HY, pinned Collins, BB, 3:39.

Championship Finals

106-Gabriel, BD, dec. Burkett, CR, 6-0. 113-Charlton, MY, dec. BDunlap, CR, 8-4. 120- Easter, BD, dec. Swank, BB, 5-0. 126-Thomas, BD, dec. Crouse, CR, 6-4. 132-Miller, BB, dec. Replogle, NB, 5-4. 138-Brett, BD, dec. Corle, NB, 14-8. 145-Cahill, CT, pinned Gartland, NB, 6:25, OT. 152-Williams, BD, dec. Cahill, CT, 4-2, OT. 160-Fochtman, BB, dec. Lohr, SO, 8-4, TB. 170-Dibert, CR, dec. Grimes, BD, 8-2. 182-Berkley, MY, dec. Brett, BD, 7-2. 195-Albright, CR, pinned Brumbaugh, TM, 2:57. 220-Bennett, HY, dec. Winegardner, CR, 4-1. 285-Hall, TM, dec. Buttry, CR, 3-1, OT.