Glendale goes 4-0 in duals

FLINTON – Glendale went 4-0 and finished in first place at the Glendale Duals on Saturday in high school wrestling.

The Vikings defeated Bucktail, 54-23, Sugar Valley, 81-0, Portage, 57-15, and Northern Cambria, 56-12.

Jett Sacolic (120 pounds), Ray Carlheim (220), Keith Gates (152), Hunter Hamilton (182), Cody Pentland (195) and Kody Ness (285) each went 4-0 for Glendale. Patrick Johnson was 3-0, and Justin Hommer was 3-1, with three falls.


113-Johnson, G, pinned Adams, 2:44. 120-Sacolic, G, dec. Marr, 3-1. 126-Lovett, B, pinned Iraca, 3:59. 132-Rojas, G, dec. K. Probst, 6-4, OT. 138-Long, B, pinned Martz, 3:30. 145-D. Probst, B, won by forfeit. 152-Hommer, G, pinned Horton, 5:25.

160-Gates, G, won by forfeit. 170-Johns, G, won by forfeit. 182-Hamilton, G, won by forfeit. 195-Pentland, G, won by forfeit. 220-Carlheim, G, won by forfeit. 285-Ness, G, won by forfeit. 106-Cohick, B, pinned Krepps, 5:00.


120-Iraca, G, won by forfeit. 126-Sacolic, G, pinned J. Walizer, 1:10. 132-Rojas, G, pinned D. Walizer, 2:50. 138-Martz, G, won by forfeit. 145-Hommer, G, pinned Stover, 1:26. 152-Gates, G, won by forfeit. 160-Stewart, G, won by forfeit.

170-Johns, G, pinned Boone, :54. 182-Hamilton, G, won by forfeit. 195-Pentland, G, won by forfeit. 220-Carlheim, G, pinned Raudabaugh, 5:12. 285-Ness, G, dec. Collins, 8-7. 106-Kovach, G, won by forfeit. 113-Johnson, G, won by forfeit.


132-No match. 138-Fox, P, won by forfeit. 145-Hommer, G, pinned Husar, 1:36. 152-Gates, G, won by injury default, Fordick, 1:04. 160-Stewart, G, dec. Ca. Kephart, 4-2, OT. 170-Co. Kepart, P, pinned Johns, 4:15. 182-Hamilton, G, won by forfeit.

195-Pentland, G, won by forfeit. 220-Carlheim, G, pinned Neel, 3:49. 285-Ness, G, won by forfeit. 106-Krepps, G, won by forfeit. 113-Johnson, G, won by forfeit. 120-Sacolic, G, pinned Ratosky, :32. 126-Lutz, P, dec. Rojas, 4-0.


138-Paronish, NC, won by forfeit. 145-Yahner, NC, pinned Hommer, 3:29. 152-Gates, G, pinned Nealen, 3:38. 160-Mikitko, NC, dec. Stewart, 2-0. 170-Hamilton, G, won by forfeit. 182-Frontino, NC, pinned Johns, 2:34. 195-Pentland, G, won by forfeit.

220-Carlheim, G, won by forfeit. 285-Ness, G, won by forfeit. 106-Kovach, G, won by disqualification over Davis. 113-Johnson, G, pinned Schilling, 2:51. 220-Sacolic, G, dec. Tomallo, 8-7. 126-Iraca, G, won by forfeit. 132-Rojas, G, won by forfeit.

Records: Glendale (11-6).

Penn Cambria goes 3-2

HARRISBURG – Penn Cambria went 3-2 at the Bishop McDevitt duals.

Seth McLendon and John Wilkinson each went 4-1 on the day for the Panthers.

Penn Cambria defeated Ephrata, 37-36, Bishop McDevitt, 51-18, and Eastern Lebanon County, 54-24, and lost to Annville Cleona, 38-32, and eventual champion Blue Mountain, 55-9.


106-Renninger, AC, won by forfeit; 113-Darokac, AC, pinned Stevens, 3:31; 120-Belaman, AC, tech. fall Biter, 16-1, 3:49; 126-A. Farabaugh, PC, dec. Corle, 7-2; 132-D. Farabaugh, PC, dec. Di. Himmelberger, 7-3; 138-Inman, AC, pinned M. Eckenrode, 3:30; 145-Kuals, AC, dec. Hogue, 9-3.

152-Driskel, PC, maj. dec. Da. Himmelberger, 9-1; 160-Ulrich, AC, pinned Myers, 1:20; 170-Wyland, PC, pinned Royer, 3:55; 182-Light, AC, pinned Smith, :22; 195-Schlosser, PC, won by forfeit; 220-McLendon, PC, maj. dec. Orfino, 8-0; 285-Wilkinson, PC, pinned Meyer, 3:28.


113-Stevens, PC, tech. fall T. Evans, 16-0, 2:46; 120-Sarmento, E, pinned Biter, 3:22; 126-Dumas, E, pinned A. Farabuagh, 1:16; 132-Eidemiller, E, pinned D. Farabuagh, 1:30; 138-Eckenrode, PC, pinned Donnelley, 3:12; 145-Hogue, PC, maj. dec. Powers, 11-2; 152-Sipe, E, won by forfeit.

160-Driskel, PC, maj. dec. Hatch, 15-1; 170-Myers, PC, pinned Bornbaugh, :37; 182-Nye, E, dec. Wyland, 9-4; 195-Eisenhauer, E, dec. Schlosser, 8-2; 220-Wilkinson, PC, won by forfeit; 285-McLendon, PC, pinned Krieder, :47; 106-V. Evans, E, won by forfeit.


120-Gueres, BM, pinned Biter, :12; 126-Gosch, BM, maj. dec. A. Farabuagh, 11-1; 132-D. Farabaugh, PC, pinned Seaman, 2:45; 138-Sherry, BM, dec. Eckenrode, 8-4; 145-Forbes, BM, dec. Hogue, 9-2; 152-Chagle, BM, dec. Driskel, 8-6 (OT); 160-Weber, BM, maj. dec. Myers, 17-5.

170-Myers, BM, tech. fall Wyland, 15-0, 1:55; 182-Nye, BM, pinned Smith, 4:40; 195-Yackenshick, BM, dec. Schlosser, 4-3; 220-Ceollo, BM, pinned McLendon, :40; 285-Wilkinson, PC, dec. Adams, 3-1 (OT); 106-Blankenhorn, BM, won by forfeit; 113-Penburgh, BM, pinned Stevens, :58.


126-A. Farabuagh, PC, won by forfeit; 132-D. Farabuagh, PC, won by forfeit; 138-Eckenrode, PC, tech. fall Carter, 20-4, 6:00; 145-Hogue, PC, pinned Weber, 1:16; 152-Hurley, PC, dec. Scott, 8-6; 160-Navarro, BM, pinned Driskel, 6:48 (OT); 170-Burcher, BM, pinned Myers, 2:57.

182-Wyland, PC, maj. dec. Jenkins, 12-3; 195-Schlosser, PC, pinned Sasserman, :21; 220-Wilkinson, PC, pinned Lake, 1:29; 285-McLendon, PC, dec. Webb, 7-2; 106-no match; 113-Stevens, PC, pinned Pipa, 1:56; 120-White, BM, pinned Biter, :19.


132-D. Farabaugh, PC, pinned Smith, 2:49; 138-Eckenrode, PC, pinned Achay, 3:15; 145-Hogue, PC, pinned Ruppel, :42; 152-Driskel, PC, pinned Astakhov, 3:12; 160-Centeno, ELC, pinned Hurley, 1:18; 170-Myers, PC, pinned Horst, 1:40; 182-Wyland, PC, pinned Gettle, 1:12.

195-Schlosser, PC, pinned Vennetch, :33; 220-Krieder, ELC, dec. Wilkinson, 5-2; 285-McLendon, PC, pinned Vankus, 3:09; 106-Pasqualey, ELC, won by forfeit; 113-Stevens, PC, pinned Puglio, 3:24; 120-Wintersoh, ELC, pinned Biter, 4:43; 126-Knight, ELC, dec. A. Farabuagh, 8-5

Records: Penn Cambria (11-6).

P-O goes 4-1 in Juniata Duals

ALEXANDRIA – Philipsburg-Osceola came in second place with a 4-1 record in the Juniata Duals, losing only to Huntingdon, 36-29, in the final round. Penns Valley came in third place, with host Juniata coming in fourth.

The Mounties’ Dennis Lumadue and Chris Thompson remain undefeated after each going 5-0, with 16-0 and 14-0 records, respectively.

Andrew Greenawalt (152 pounds), Jay Prentice (170), and Nick Gray (220) also went 5-0 for Philipsburg-Osceola, while Dallas Kephart and Caleb Shively compiled 4-1 marks.


106-Thompson, P-O, dec. Drawbaugh, 5-2. 113-Gross, T, default injury Barnhart, 1:34. 120-Bentley, T, pinned Descavish, 1:28. 126-Diehl, T, pinned Evans, :26. 132-D. Kephart, P-O, tech. fall Kosinksi, 20-3, 5:01. 138-Shively, P-O, tech. fall Cash, 16-1, 3:17. 145-Millard, P-O, won by forfeit.

152-Greenawalt, P-O, won by forfeit. 160-Mann, P-O, won by forfeit. 170-Prentice, P-O, pinned Lazzara, :47. 182-Lumadue, P-O, won by forfeit. 195-Geiger, T, pinned R. Kephart, 2:29. 220-Gray, P-O, won by forfeit. 285-Pryde, P-O, won by forfeit.


106-Thompson, P-O, won by forfeit. 113-Bailey, C, pinned Quick, 5:59. 120-Descavish, P-O, pinned Weber, 3:24. 126-Eveans, P-O, pinned Gunter, 3:41. 132-D. Kephart, P-O, pinned Aiello, 3:00. 138-Shively, P-O, dec. Troutman, 9-4. 145-Millard, P-O, won by forfeit.

152-Greenawalt, P-O, dec. Hockins, 12-0. 160-Mann, P-O, won by forfeit. 170-Prentice, P-O, pinned Klawuhn, 2:29. 182-Lumadue, P-O, won by forfeit. 195-Sintobin, C, dec. R. Kephart, 2-0. 220-Gray, P-O, dec. Bigley, 2-1. 285-Huet, C, pinned Pryde, 2:40.


106-Thompson, P-O, pinned O’Toole, 1:52. 113-Clay, N, pinned Quick, :37. 120-Descavish, P-O, pinned Roth, :37. 126-Evans, P-O, dec. Altemus, 18-6. 132-D. Kephart, P-O, dec. Stroup, 16-6. 138-Shively, P-O, dec. Klinger, 11-0. 145-Millard, P-O, pinned Mather, 3:52.

152-Greenawalt, P-O, pinned Hemperly, 1:06. 160-Mann, P-O, pinned Kissinger, :51. 170-Prentice, P-O, pinned Shoghart, :34. 182-Lumadue, P-O, pinned Johnson, :23. 195-R. Kephart, P-O, pinned Gehr, 2:27. 220-Gray, P-O, won by forfeit. 285-Pryde, P-O, dec. Bower, 7-1.


106-Thompson, P-O, won by forfeit. 113-Quick, P-O, won by forfeit. 120-Descavish, P-O, pinned Cobb-Wingfield, :28. 126-Evans, P-O, pinned Rogue, 1:59. 132-D. Kephart, P-O, won by forfeit. 138-Lepperd, ST, pinned Shively, 1:20. 145-Sullivan, ST, tech. fall Millard, 18-1, 5:31.

152-Greenawalt, P-O, dec. Mosrial, 12-0. 160-Watkins, ST, pinned Mann, :31. 170-Prentice, P-O, won by forfeit. 182-Lumadue, P-O, won by forfeit. 195-Hoehne, ST, dec. R. Kephart, 9-2. 220-Gray, P-O, won by forfeit. 285-Pryde, P-O, dec. Washington, 1-0.


106-Glorioso, H, won by forfeit. 113-Thompson, P-O, pinned Dubbs, 1:08. 120-Wilson, H, dec. Descavish, 9-0. 126-Green, H, dec. Evans, 7-5. 132-Russel, H, dec. D. Kephart, 12-2. 138-Shively, P-O, dec. Wagner, 7-4. 145-Lynn, H, dec. Millard, 8-0.

152-Greenawalt, P-O, tech. fall Fisher, 15-0, 5:41. 160-Norris, H, pinned Mann, 3:11. 170-Prentice, P-O, pinned Kidd, :43. 182-Lumadue, P-O, pinned Rupert, :41. 195-Lauer, H, pinned R. Kephart, :46. 220-Gray, P-O, dec. Clites, 6-0. 285-Wholaver, H, dec. Pryde, 5-3, OT.

Records: Philipsburg-Osceola (6-3).

Chestnut Ridge routs CC

NEW PARIS – Chestnut Ridge, ranked No. 1 in the Mirror rankings and third in the statwide Off The Mat rankings, recorded nine pins and two technical falls in a 74-4 rout of Central Cambria.

Luke Hobson (113 pounds), Derrick Claar (126), Trent Crouse (132), Colby Hillegass (138), Kyle Winegardner (152), Teddy Albright (170), Tyler Dibert (182), Brad Winegardner (195) and Dan Albright (220) had pins for Ridge.

Ridge hiked its record to 9-1.

106-Burkett, CR, dec. Ostrowski, 7-2; 113-Hobson, CR, pinned Lazeration, :34; 120-Opdenhoff, CC, maj. dec. Shank, 13-4; 126-Claar, CR, pinned Taylor, 1:06; 132-Crouse, CR, pinned Makin, 3:11; 138-Hillegass, CR, pinned Bednar, 5:05; 145-Zimmerman, CR, tech. fall Seymour, 16-0, 5:50.

152-K. Winegardner, CR, pinned Karlinsey, 2:15; 160-C. Buttry, CR, tech. fall Kline, 16-0, 6:00; 170-T. Albright, CR, pinned Bowser, 1:59; 182-Dibert, CR, pinned Crow, :28; 195-B. Winegardner, CR, pinned Howell, 2:56; 220-D. Albright, CR, pinned Branick, 1:34; 285-A. Buttry, CR, won by forfeit.

Records: Central Cambria (4-9); Chesnut Ridge (9-1).

Altoona juniors second

SPRING COVE – The Altoona junior high wrestling team went 4-1 on Saturday at the Spring Cove Junior High Dual-Meet Tournament, good enough for second place at the eight-team event.

Hollidaysburg was third at 3-2, while Spring Cove was tied for fifth at 2-3 with Bellwood-Antis. Claysburg-Kimmel took eighth by finishing 0-5. Somerset won it with a 5-0 mark. Berlin Brothersvalley (3-2) and HOPE For Hyndman (1-4) also competed.

Spring Cove’s Brock Biddle went 5-0 at 100 pounds, while teammate Ethan Kennedy went 5-0 at 110 pounds.

For Hollidaysburg, Matt Hines (80), Nathan Swartz (85), Sam Barroner (95), Noah Worley (155) and Hunter Gill (250) went 5-0 in their matches.

No other details were reported to the Mirror.