Covering the bases

LEADING OFF: Manager Michael Ryan said his hitters have not done a good job with in-game adjustments at the plate this series. “You see the same guy trying to do the same thing each at-bat,” the manager said. “Make the adjustment and change something up. That’s what Akron does so well. … Sometimes they don’t know what the in-game adjustment needs to be. That’s why we’re here. We’re trying to teach them. A guy goes 1-1 breaking ball eight times in a row, go ahead and look for a 1-1 breaking ball. But a player might get the 1-1 breaking ball and take it; it’s not the one that I wanted. That’s where the struggle comes in at some point sometimes during the year and just be able to trust what their eyes are telling them.”

SAFE AT FIRST: 1B Will Craig said of the offensive issues, “Their pitchers are making really good pitches when it counts the most. I feel like we’re taking good swings, it’s just kind of not going our way right now. We had Stephen Alemais in the eighth lined a ball off the pitcher and a guy made a play on it. Stuff like that.”

STEALING SECOND: Akron’s first run scored in the sixth when, with runners at the corners and no outs, 3B Sam Haggerty hit a grounder right at the first base bag. Craig grabbed the ball and stepped on first for a quick out, then had the good frame of mind to fire home trying for the out. He threw to C Christian Kelley, who tried a quick tag that wasn’t in time as RF Jodd Carter slid in. Carter had broken up RHP Eduardo Vera’s no-hitter to start the inning.

ROUNDING THIRD: Vera had a scoreless streak of 19 2/3 innings end in the sixth. He said of his late-season success, “First of all mentality-wise, I’m more confident out there, and I’ve been feeling really good. And some adjustments on my mechanics have been helping me, too. But mostly confidence.”

HEADING HOME: RHP James Marvel will pitch for the Curve tonight trying to keep the season alive. Asked what he likes about Marvel, Ryan said, “Just intelligence, the way he prepares. He has a really good plan coming in. He knows what he’s going to be doing (tonight). He knows their hitters and got the advantage watching them for two days. He’ll come ready, and he’s the right guy with the ball.”