Chambers lucky he’s at Penn State

I never want to see anyone fired who is doing what they believe is their very best.

All or most coaches feel that way, and that is part of a coach’s makeup.

However, these Division I coaches in the major sports such as football and basketball are paid a very attractive salary. If they can remain on the job at least the normal five-year contract and budget their money wisely, they become millionaires for life.

Pat Chambers’ salary is $900,000 — not bad for an in-conference record close to 60 games below .500.

Besides a weatherman, not many professionals can remain on the job with such a performance.Yes, the first few years were a real challenge, but his record since then has not produced one NCAA bid.

Other Big Ten coaches with winning records have been fired for seasons far better than what Chambers has achieved.

His recruiting has improved, but so has the other Big Ten schools.

From an NIT crown to a losing record with nearly the same team is not showing improvement that warrants a four-year extension (through 2022).

If you can name one Division I coach in a major sport with such an in-conference record and is still offered an extension on their contract, then I will agree he needs another year.

You can recruit all you want, but what you do with those recruits is what really matters. Maybe Penn State is satisfied with what is transpiring in the basketball program and is more concerned with James Franklin, who also has end-of-game difficulties.

I will make a prediction that either Franklin, Chambers or even Sandy Barbour will not be on staff five years from now. I hope I am wrong.

Dave Kule, Laporte

Once again, Penn State can’t dance

While watching the NCAA tournament selection show, I kept thinking about Penn State.

What is their problem, when eight teams from their conference are going to the NCAA tournament and two teams to the NIT while they sit home after winning the NIT last year and having the majority of their team back for another year?

Pat Chambers has been coach for eight years without going to the NCAA.

I think he does a great job recruiting, but so does every other team in the conference. Each year he always says we are a young team and showing improvement, but this year once again they won seven out of the last 10 and once again they ended up near the bottom of the conference.

It was pointed out on the show that Maryland has one of the youngest teams in Division I, and they are in the tournament.

This past week I read that two teams are changing coaches. Ohio University fired its coach after five years, and he had a winning record two of the five years. George Washington University fired its coach after three years because of a losing record and three years left on his contract. Vanderbilt fired Bryce Drew after just three years.

While watching TV, it is easy to see that a lot of the stands are full except for those at Penn State.

Once again I will ask the question: “What is wrong with Penn State basketball?”

Byron Lasser, Hollidaysburg

Mehno’s insight, humor will be missed

Neil Rudel’s column on John Mehno last Sunday was well-written and interesting.

Mehno had a great column with plenty of sports insight and often wrote his column with the right touch of humorous sarcasm.

Rudel’s story of his life was a good look at someone that we never met but seemed to know through his work.

I had emailed him several times over the past few years about certain issues in sports, and he always answered each note, first by thanking me for reading his column and then adding some more personal comments about sports that showed you how much he knew and how much he loved his work.

He might not be the most famous name in sports, but he’s right up there with the best.

May he rest in peace.

Joe Yartin, Dysart


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