Ohio State throws victim under the bus

The shot was heard around the Big Ten and further.

Should I be surprised when it concerns Ohio State University and Urban Meyer? No.

Domestic abuse of women took a major hit.

Victim Courtney Smith was thrown under the bus as the Ohio State investigators did nothing for her.

The lead investigator, Mary Jo White, stated Meyer did not deliberately lie about what he knew or didn’t know.

This investigation team focused squarely on saving Meyer.

He was suspended for the first three games of the year against easy competition, and athletic director Gene Smith was suspended from August 31 through September 16 with no pay.

Big deal as his assistant AD will fill in for him to kill time in his absence.

This case will set a precedence for any future cases.

The American justice system was set up to be fair, balanced and unbiased for all American citizens.

Well, I guess not.

Les Hart