Fandom: Cory Geishauser

Name: Cory Geishauser

Age: 45

Residence: Altoona

High school: Bishop Guilfoyle

College: The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

My favorite sport: Ice hockey

I usually attend games with: My dad, Thom, and my brother, Bret

Favorite high school team: Bishop Guilfoyle

Favorite college team: West Virginia

Favorite pro team: Pittsburgh Pirates

My favorite sports memory: When I was about 9, my little brother and my dad went to see my uncle George play for the Oakland Raiders against the Detroit Lions at the Silverdome. I got to meet a bunch of the players, and they all signed a pennant for me.

The local athlete I’ve most enjoyed watching while I was growing up: Saint Francis basketball player Napoleon Lightning

My all-time favorite local coach: Steve Wilson

The most famous athlete I ever met: Oakland Raiders Lyle Alzado and John Matuszak

My most prized autograph or picture is of: Me with the Hanson brothers from the movie “Slapshot.”

If I have a claim to fame as a fan, it would be: I got Mary Lou Retton to sign an autograph for me. We are both West Virginia fans.

If I were the boss of local sports, the one rule I would enforce would be: Give respect and get respect should be strongly emphasized and exemplified at all local and national sporting events.

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