Name: Nicholas Costanzo

Age: 30

Residence: Johnstown

School: Bishop McCort

College: Saint Francis University

My favorite sport: Football

I usually attend games with: Family and/or friends

Favorite high school team: Bishop McCort

Favorite college team: I’ve become very partial to WVU recently but have a soft spot for PSU as well.

Favorite pro team: Jacksonville Jaguars

My favorite sports memory: A tie. This would have to be David Garrard running for the first down for the Jaguars to set up the game-winning field goal to beat the Steelers in the playoffs back in 2007. I got to see the Jaguars beat the Steelers in person to advance to the AFC Championship in Pittsburgh (last week).

The local athlete I’ve most enjoyed watching while I was growing up: Andrew Hawkins at Bishop McCort

My all-time favorite local coach: Pat Hollern from Bishop McCort

The most famous athlete I ever met: I met Hall of Famer receiver Jerry Rice in Las Vegas once.

My most prized autograph or picture is of: I have an autographed picture of one of the best RBs of all time — Fred Taylor of the Jags.

If I have a claim to fame as a fan, it would be: I have two Jaguars’ tattoos. One is the original logo, and the other is a pair of eyes colored teal.

If I were the boss of local sports, the one rule I would enforce would be: You don’t have to like the Steelers just because they are the local team. Pick whatever team you want to cheer for. If that is the Steelers, no problem. But you shouldn’t get judged for liking a team that isn’t local.

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