Letter ripping PSU coaches wrong

This is a rebuttal of the letter by Jim Secriskey, published in the Sunday Mailbag on Oct. 1.

I read, with great irritation, Secriskey’s comments concerning coaches James Franklin and Joe Paterno.

Franklin has not been around long enough to discuss. His time will come, so let’s just let opinions on him rest for a while.

As for Secriskey’s totally asinine remarks about Paterno, I’d be willing to bet that he never met JoePa, and probably his attendance at PSU football games is limited.

I’ve held season tickets at Penn State from 1966 through 2014. At that point I had to give them up due to a heart attack. I’ve been to 475 games home and away. My travels have taken me to games from Florida to California, Louisiana to Wisconsin and points in between.

In all those places, never did I ever hear anyone down JoePa. They loved him.

As for knowing Paterno, he stopped at our tailgate many times after games to say hello.

I also arranged for him to speak at the local high school sports banquet. He took no cash, just a meal — not bad for a high profile coach.

One last thing about Secriskey’s letter: I still don’t know whom he backs, supports, or what he stands for. All he seems to do is complain about things he knows nothing or very little about.

He sounds to me like a disgruntled Pitt fan or someone who couldn’t get a ticket or parking pass.

Oh, by the way, don’t you worry: That 900 pounds of bronze Secriskey refers to in his letter? It will return to its rightful place in time.

Don’t forget, it was Coach Joe Paterno who put Penn State on the map and brought national respect for the university and our state.

Lloyd Lindsey


BG football deserves more media attention

I’m confused about the complacent attitude of our community.

About the only place I find any interest of notoriety of the Bishop Guilfoyle Marauders is in the Altoona Mirror.

I have been a Mirror subscriber since 1971. I am a newspaper nut.

I am also a subscriber to my hometown newspaper since 1966 when I took up residency in Lock Haven. I plan to remain so in both cases.

But where is any other aspect of our greater Altoona area when it comes to touting our most noteworthy area football team?

I am not connected to BG other than we are part of the same community. And I am proud of their accomplishments.

I proudly served in the Chamber of Commerce back in the early 1970s. They used to advocate for “promoting the community.”

And back then, we did.

Not everyone can attend a football game in person for a variety of reasons. But I believe many would listen to the radio or watch on TV.

I know the aspects of time-slot availability, but how about other means of public presentation? Public Access TV? Internet video/audio? Delayed presentation via local radio or TV?

Why is this community not touting this unusual successful football team?

I don’t have a college education, so it is hard for me to understand.

But it’s 55 straight victories.

Jan Mills Sr.