Pitt needs its own stadium

As a member of the 1970 Pitt Football team that played in the greatest college football game ever at Pitt Stadium — Pitt 36, West Virginia 35 — it is my duty to report from the high deserts of Las Vegas, Nevada that a shroud of stupidity covers the entire Pitt football program.

This stupidity began in 1999 with the destruction of Pitt Stadium, orchestrated by former athletic director Steve Pederson.

Since 2015, see newpittstadium.com, plans have existed to build a new Pitt Stadium on campus. Until this stadium is built, the Pitt football faithful will continue to live under this shroud.

In the history of NCAA football championships, not one university sharing a professional stadium has ever won a national title.

To lift this shroud, it is suggested to do what I have chosen — to provide our Pitt football players the best chance to win a national title.

I suggest holding back all financial support to the football program and contribute to other Pitt athletic programs with a chance to win a national title or donate to none at all.

Sometimes it is best to hold back in order to move forward to achieve desirable results.

If the Pitt football faithful chooses to continue feeding this shroud of stupidity, the results will be either no national football titles or the first university to buck the trend.

George “Feather” Feher

Henderson, Nevada