PSU not improving under Chambers

It is interesting to compare the coaches and rosters of the Penn State and Iowa basketball programs.

Fran McCaffrey is in his seventh season at Iowa. He has never had a losing season and has gone to the NIT and three NCAA tournaments.

Pat Chambers just wrapped up his sixth season with one winning season (18-16) and only one postseason tournament being the CBI.

Now look at the rosters.

All year we have heard how young Penn State’s players are and not to expect a lot until next year. But guess what? Iowa starts three freshmen, just like Penn State.

Penn State’s freshmen are just as good as Iowa’s, and yet the Nittany Lions have not had a successful year. Who would have envisioned a 14-17 season and losses in six of their last seven games?

On the other hand, Iowa won its last four games and ended up the regular season 18-13.

If you look at the records since both have been coaching in the Big Ten, it shows one coach — McCaffrey — who can improve his talent.

Both are good recruiters, but only one is a good head coach. How many major universities would keep a coach who has only a 29-80 record in his conference?

If Chambers had a record like McCaffrey, who has averaged 20 wins over his last five years, Penn State would probably give him a lifetime contract, instead of an extension with a losing record.

Now move forward three days.

Penn State plays Nebraska, almost losing by playing one-on-one basketball but winning the game in overtime.

Then the Lions play Michigan State, which they beat earlier, but once again played one-on-one before getting totally blown out.

It seems that Chambers’ offense is one-on-one basketball during the last eight minutes of every game, whether Penn State is winning or losing.

I would love nothing more than to see a Penn State basketball team get better during the season and not go backwards.

Byron Lasser


Chambers in over his head

I do not agree with Cory Giger’s assessment that Pat Chambers will have another year.

My feeling is he should be let go now. Look, coach John Groce of Illinois was fired at the end of his fifth year. In five years, he took Illinois to an NCAA Tournament and two NITs and still was dismissed.

What has Chambers accomplished?

I respect Chambers for his integrity and as a model person. He would fit in perfectly with a military academy team, assistant head coach in charge of recruiting, or head coach of a Division I-AA or Division II school.

Les Hart, Duncansville