Game Commission over-stepping bounds


I am writing about the ringneck stamp that the Pennsylvania Game Commission is voting on in March.

The understanding I have is that adult hunting license holders with lifetime licenses will have to buy this stamp. My lifetime license is a contract between the Pennsylvania State Game Commission and me.

When I paid for my part of this agreement, it was to allow me to hunt one fall turkey, a spring gobbler, a buck and to take part in small game hunting each year.

Small game includes ringneck, rabbits, squirrels, etc. I believe that both myself and other current holders of lifetime licenses should be grandfathered in.

The game commission does not have the right to force us to repurchase something we have already paid for, and I believe that fact will stand up in court.

Anyone purchasing a new lifetime license at future dates can be required to also buy a ringneck stamp yearly. Those of us who already hold a lifetime license are not obligated to purchase a stamp as we already hold our license.

When the Pennsylvania Fish Commission updated its license last year, requiring fishermen to buy a trout stamp and a Lake Erie stamp, holders of lifetime licenses with trout stamps and Lake Erie Stamps were grandfathered in.

The PA Fish Commission honored the contract that it had made with license holders.

The PA Game Commission apparently does not want to follow the good example of the PA Fish Commission.

This is wrong, possibly illegal, and cannot be allowed to happen.

Thomas L. Noll