Sunday Sports Mailbag

Pro football sportsmanship lacking

Having lived through the complete history of professional football, I can say that although they retain some rules of the game, it is obviously no longer a sport.

Through most of its history, players were ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct and therefore avoided such actions.

On the very rare time when some bruiser lost his cool and took it out on an opponent, the official ejected the offender, and I’ve seen the coach gave it to him again on the sideline for his stupidity.

It used to be that players never put on the displays of personal prowess after a successful play, as if they were the only one responsible for its success.

Now these actions occur frequently with no response by the officials.

They’ve obviously been instructed to ignore unsportsmanlike activities.

Cheap shots, too, seem to be OK. This is now a professional show where any activity to excite the fans is allowed.

They are more like gladiators.

Professionalism’s intent is to make money. No idealism is expected, although other professional sports still reflect the concept of sportsmanship to a degree.

We have been brought to believe sports and sportsmanship are an inseparable concept, and so they are.

This is not a condemnation.

Considering the money involved, there is a lucrative market, but the backside is the danger of aspects of lack of sportsmanship seeping back into college and high school events.

Our young people are too precious and susceptible of a treasure to be infected by this type of publicity.

Lee Wertz