Money driving football playoff


What I can see and hear from all of the pundits, PSU had zero chance to make the four-team dog-and-pony show, no matter whom, no matter what.

With that said, the system is better than it was, but it’s still based on style points and bias.

Ohio State and Michigan, for a bitter example, complained several years ago that a team that did not win the conference championship should never get into the final four.

But now, it’s all different.

This so-called playoff is a joke, and once again it is being promulgated by the NCAA with the only reasoning being the almighty dollar.

I am, and this is not recent, disgusted with the four-team fiasco.

Dump the Power 5 concept, go to at least an eight-team playoff and cut the regular season schedule, including conference playoffs, to 11 games. Or maybe just do a FCS style real playoff and put 16 teams in.

Don’t give us any garbage about the season being too long. The FCS and even high schools are playing 12-15 games. I’m just pipe-dreaming because I realize in this day and age, money talks.

Joe Maschue


System needs to be revamped

I may not be the first to offer my particular recommendation for more fairness in how teams are chosen for the College Football Playoff, but here it is.

Since recent times have produced something called the Power 5 conferences versus the non-Power 5, I would further suggest that you have to win your conference to be eligible.

Yes, that would have gotten Penn State in this year, but beyond that you would have five conference winners in for sure each year.

A sixth team from one of the non-Power 5 conferences would become eligible as well, and that would be the team from that group with the highest ranking. That team would play the highest ranked Power 5 conference team in the same manner that now exists.

Three games would leave three winners, and the highest-ranked team that survives the first round games then gets a bye.

Other matchups would be determined as they are today. So rankings by the committee would still be important and soothe the egos on the committee, rather than make them irrelevant or not needed.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas

Formula should be simple

It goes without saying that excluding the Big Ten champion from the college football playoffs is absurd.

The solution is simple: Six teams — five conference champs (ACC, SEC,  Big Ten, Big 12,  Pac-12) — plus one at-large.

The committee can pick the at-large team and seed the six teams. The No. 1 and No. 2 seeds get a first-round bye, then No. 3 plays No. 6 and No. 4 plays No. 5.

You got your final four, and go from there.

You’d think the simple-minded people on the selection committee could see that this setup makes every game count, including the conference championship games, which this year apparently did not.

Tim Arnold


Franklin got last laugh on naysayers

What an unbelievable year. I have been saying all along that given the ridiculous sanctions,  James Franklin needed at least one more year and more likely two. This year has become all gravy.

That being said, I believe that considerable work still needs to be done with the offensive and defensive lines.

I am absolutely amazed, however, on what a great job Brent Pry did considering the major losses and injuries early on.

However, if we want to ultimately compete for a national championship, we can’t keep getting pushed around like Wisconsin did Saturday, not to mention the Alabamas, OSUs, Michigans, etc., of the world.

The O-line did a pretty good job on pass protection, but a nimble quarterback like Trace McSorley was able to mask some of their weaknesses. And let’s face it: A back like Barkley should be able to gain 1,800 yards with a good O-line. He gets hit too often before he takes his first step.

I am in no way complaining, but I cannot wait until Franklin is able to shore up these areas given what he accomplished this year.

Not to be a pain or gloat, but I would like to hear what the Franklin naysayers have to say now.

Tim Muri

Naperville, Ill.