Lions need to act       ‘like they’ve been there’

One cultural aspect of Penn State football under Joe Paterno that I believe eroded under Bill O’Brien and continues to erode under James Franklin is the “act like you’ve been there before” culture.

Hand the ball back to the official after a long gain, touchdown, first down etc. Minimal celebration for modest and even great on-field successes are fine.

This has obviously been a great and unexpected season, and I credit Franklin for a terrific coaching job. But I must admit that I cringe when PSU players make first downs and then grandstand by signaling the first down.

That is not the way we do things at Penn State. It is the way just about every other team in college and pro football does things, but up until the past few years, it was one thing that set Penn State apart from the rest.

I liked being different like that. Whether we had a winning team or not, at least being good sports and not showboats set us apart.

I think this culture has to start to be reinforced from the top with Sandy Barbour and up to President Barron.

John Finegan

Sacramento, Calif.