Franklin, PSU have earned trust


I wrote to the Mailbag back in January of this year, expressing my unconditional support for James Franklin, despite the many naysayers who claimed that his coaching style may not be a good fit for Happy Valley.

This followup is not intended to serve as an, “I told you so.”

Rather, it is a plea to my fellow alumni, students, lettermen, and the community to embrace the present.

We have a very impressive group of young men who are proudly representing our university and who epitomize the concept of successful student-athletes.

This isn’t just about wins and losses on the football field.

Take a good, hard look at the program. Franklin’s players have generally stayed out of trouble, met or exceeded academic expectations and engaged in community service and charitable causes.

They — and their head coach — have earned your trust, your respect and your support — and they would have done so even if they had finished 6-6 this year.

I have maintained throughout that Penn State, despite the struggles and controversies over the last five years, continues to be a first-rate academic institution, which will continue to provide all of its students the opportunity to learn and to grow into productive and successful young men and women.

Anyone who continues to believe that James Franklin and his staff do not fully embody that concept are looking through a prism that most likely will never change.

Joseph Cavrich