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979 days ago.
by pingopigg

Will republicans ever learn?

Well you republicans got your collective butts handed to you on election day, and yet your party leadership is still riding the stupid train. This nation is so divided that we are destined to fall unless we all start acting like adults and get to work in a spirit of compromise. It's time to remove religion from politics, a seperation of church and state is sorely needed. The removal of special interest groups and thier bags of money need to go. The insider trading that is illegal for the general public but commonplace in the halls of congress needs to stop. We need term limits in congress. In early America it was the Carnegies, Rockefellers, and Morgans that ran the country, now it's the Koch brothers and a handfull of secret rich people that meet in the woods every year.


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Amen! The rEPUBLICANS ran on term limits in the 90's....then they realized they would have to be limited...things chgange when its the other guys you want out

Posted 979 days ago.

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