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1292 days ago.
by nospinhere

Funny how the altoona mirror ended the readers comments section after the election

So there I am doing my morning ritual of reading the Altoona Mirror online and awaiting the morning rush of idiot postings about all the stories, then election day hit and things didn't go very well for the republicans, I was dying to enrage a republican but the Mirror took out the comments section and I couldn't enjoy all the crying. I wonder why this newspaper junked the comments section?


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Well, it is now March 14, 2013, months since the election and the Altoona Mirror has held steadfast to 'no' comments. I am still somewhat baffled by their decision to limit comments as I am sure everyone else is. Yes, this is beating a dead horse and will be the last I comment on it but I wanted to just one more time express my anger of your decision Altoona Mirror. I am sure your #'s are way down Altoona Mirror, rightly so.....

Posted 1292 days ago.


Although the Altoona Mirror has shown its intent to continue to suppress the opinions of its readers, there are others who have expressed an interest in an online comments section to comment on local national, state, and local issues. Wouldn't it be something if Altoona Mirror stories' comments could only be made or read in a publication not associated with the Altoona Mirror? Stay tuned.

Posted 1341 days ago.


I am also disappointed in the lack of comments. Often a reader adds angles to the discussion that was not covered in the article. It is the free flow of information that can only make us better. Limiting ideas is not the way to go. However, there are a couple individuals that resort to personal attacks and that is unfortunate. Maybe the Altoona Mirror thought they could be liable because of 'bullying'? We are all a little too darn sensitive.

Posted 1341 days ago.

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