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Why Can't We Learn

What if a no-fly zone doesn’t work? Now that the United States has committed itself militarily on behalf of the Libyan rebels, is it likely that it would stop if the no-fly zone fails. What zone do you use then? Where does any of it end? If we are able to drive Gaddafi from power will it then become the United States’ job to sort out who the rebels are and whom to put in power? Not something with a proven track record. Not all Libyans are against Gaddafi, which is a common mistake made among those urging intervention. Even some of the rebels now calling for intervention could turn against us once we intervene. Like we are now encountering in Afghanistan, what if the nation we are trying to build resists being built? Not exactly wishful thinking. Currently, the waves of revolt across North Africa and the Middle East have been indicators that the United States is not interfering and trying to control the Muslim world. Intervention in Libya will play into Al Qaeda’s propaganda enh


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