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Penn State sports

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dechellis replacement

Posts: 0 - I think that now is the time for Les Hart to apply for the head coaching position with Cory Giger as his assistant. They have shown us over time that they know everything about everythin.

2025 days ago.
by vernongetzler
Indoor track & field

Posts: 0 - Two of the most decorated high school track & field atheletes in the history of Altoona Area High School are again competing at a higher level up the road at Penn State Universit.

2083 days ago.
by megous
Game Day Parking Price

Posts: 0 - Great idea(s) in the parking pass revisions. I'm involved in directing fans to their parking area. The new system will help traffic flow because the fans will know where they must par.

What will PSU's record be this season?

Posts: 0 - I'm on record at 8-4. I think they lose the big three games to Alabama, Ohio State and Iowa, then one more game along they way they probably shouldn't lose (like Minnesota or Michigan).