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Bret Hart Q&A

December 7, 2012
By Michael Boytim ( , The Altoona Mirror

The following questions were asked to Bret Hart during his interview with the Mirror but were not used in the print edition of the story.

Q: Growing up in a family centered so much on pro wrestling, did it ever enter into your mind that you might want to do something other than wrestle?

A: "I always had sort of a fascination with wrestling; it was always there," Hart said. "It was always there that I could always be a wrestler kind of thing. I was the biggest of my dad's kids. When I was born, I had the biggest hands.

"In my teens, I sort of steered away from pro wrestling, but when I got to be 20, I tried to go out and earn a living, went back to school, and when that didn't work out, I kind of made up my mind. I was going to be a wrestler and if I liked it or not, it was always going to get its hooks into me.

"It was a calling, I always knew I was going to and I wanted to be the best wrestler there ever was."

Q: What is your best memory about your time tagging with Jim Neidhart with Jimmy Hart as your manager?

A: "We are all different people, but Jimmy was the one from the south and very polite," Hart said. "Neidhart had that whacked-out look that no one else ever had. He looked like the crazy doctor in Bugs Bunny cartoons."

"Jimmy was always a good friend to us," Hart said. "He was our manager in our storyline, but in a lot of ways he was a real manager to us. We never had a harsh word between us and as a team that was the main reason we lasted so long. We had a lot of great years together. I think I miss the early Hart Foundation days the most."

Q: You are one of the top wrestlers ever, and Altoona is pretty far away from Calgary. What motivates you to work an independent show so far from home despite being technically retired?

A: "It's an opportunity to see some old fans, friends and see Neidhart and Jimmy Hart," Bret Hart said. "It's important for me to reach out and give back to the younger guys who are trying to win some fans and help them get to the big time. It's important to give back, and a lot of wrestlers forget where they came from."

"I'm always happy to watch [younger wrestlers] and give them pointers," Hart said. "I'll see guys at a show in Altoona and try to help them get a job if I think they're doing a good job. I've helped a lot of guys find their way to the big time, even if it's just asking someone to take a look at a video."

Q: Are you happy the WWE has reverted back to a more family-style show and away from their "Attitude Era" phase?

A: "It reminds me more of my era now," Hart said. "Cena reminds me of my old character, and the shows might even be tamer than they were in my time."

"Wrestling is something that is for the whole family whether it be mom dad, grandpa or grandma. The whole family could go back in my day," Hart said. "I think that's what made wrestling the phenomenon it is. If it was gory, it was okay, because there was always a Bushwhacker or a midget for the kids."

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