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Business community should sue NCAA

September 23, 2012
The Altoona Mirror

Every owner or manager of a motel, hotel, restaurant, clothing store and every other business that has been or will be negatively affected by the overreaction of the NCAA should determine to oppose the penalties imposed upon Penn State's football program.

As innocent victims who will lose very significant portions of your revenues, especially during the last three years, you should band together and hire the best possible lawyers to sue the NCAA for $100 million, or whatever amount you deem appropriate, to recover your losses.

Many businesses throughout the state will also feel the pinch and should join you in this endeavor.

Also, the do-nothing Board of Trustees should send an appeal to the alumni for contributions to finance this effort. With the largest alumni association of all colleges, a lot of money can be raised to fight the arrogant, vindictive NCAA, which says they won't allow an appeal. But they can be sued.

Sue for enough money to cripple them, and they can be cowed enough to cut the sanctions to one year. No university football program can survive four years of draconian penalties. If not rescinded, Penn State will need 15 tears to recover.

Durwood Hatch


Irish shift to ACC born out of greed

Several things entered my mind when I heard the big news that the Fighting Irish were going to move into the ACC, but why?

Leaving football out is no surprise. Football is their gravy train via lucrative NBC contracts.

Also participating in the ACC with the rest of their sports will give them more money from tournaments, etc. via the ACC.

It comes under the title of "money."

Notre Dame University is greedy.

It is a win-win situation for them. But there is a hidden reason for getting their feet in the front door.

If NBC decides not to give Notre Dame the big money and bails out, Notre Dame simply tells the ACC you can have our ace-in-the-hole - football.

It will still be a win-win situation for both ND and the ACC.

That is why they agreed to play five ACC football teams each year.

Les Hart


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