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Bisons have won two straight district crowns

August 28, 2012
By Michael Boytim ( , The Altoona Mirror

Bedford will attempt to win its third-straight district title this season with nine returning starters to help its cause.

"We have a lot of veteran leadership on this team with state-playoff experience," Bedford coach Jeff Thomas said. "We'd like to improve every game and to have a season to remember."

The Bisons defeated Somerset in a shootout a year ago to take the title.

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Mirror file photo by Patrick Waksmunski
Garrett Thomas is one of nine returning Bedford starters.

Philipsburg-Osceola, which was the second seed in the District 5-6 Class AA playoffs a year ago, lost 75 percent of its scoring from a year ago but returns 11 starters.

Hollidaysburg, which lost to State College in the District 6 Class AAA title game, is hoping to reverse that result in 2012.

"We have talented group of senior starters with lots of attacking options and one of the best keepers around," Hollidaysburg coach Craig Shale said.

Chestnut Ridge, which lost to Fannett-Metal in the District 5 Class A final a year ago, will be trying to replace six key seniors it lost to graduation.

Bishop Guilfoyle will hope to rebound from a tough season in 2011 with returning Mirror first-team player Andrew Logue, and Altoona has six starters back from last year's 12-8 team.

The following is a look at most of the teams in the Mirror's coverage area.


Coach: Dave Alexander, 17th year

League: No league

Last year's record: 12-8

Returning starters: Nick Thomas, so., def.; Danny Cowan, jr., mid.; Joe Smith, jr., keeper; Nick Beckel, sr., mid.; Chris Reighard, sr., mid.; Joe Settimio, sr., mid.

Other returnees: Chad Allender, so, mid.; Ryan Good, so., mid.; James Metzgar, so., keeper; Dean Maddox, jr., def.; Kristian Mirenda, jr., for.; Kurt Fink, sr., def.

Newcomers: Joe Cox, fr., Caleb Marasco, fr.; Chris Wible, fr.; Aaron Worley, fr.

Strengths: Speed, work ethic and some experience

Concerns: Size and depth

Overall outlook: "If we can stay injury free, we should have a good season."

Assistant coaches: Dave McCarter, Travis Young, Nick Dorsey


Coach: Jeff Thomas, second year

Career record: 18-2-2

League: Laurel Highland Athletic Conference

Last year's record: 18-2-2, 12-1-2 in LHAC

Returning starters: Zach Barbus, sr., mid.; Stephen Calhoun, sr., mid.; Caleb Grimes, sr., mid.; James Jeffries, sr., keeper; Steven Stroup, sr., mid.; Blake Baer, jr., mid.; Garrett Thomas, jr., striker; Vaughn Robison, so., striker; Lalo Munaz, so., mid.

Other returnees: Sam Felix, sr., striker/wing; Danny Grant, sr., striker/wing; A.J. Imler, sr., mid.-def.; Conner Krauss, sr., def.; Lus Beal, jr., def.; Kale Dively, jr., keeper/def./mid.; Zach Gerber, jr., def.; Brandon Martin, jr., striker; Brady Thomas, jr., striker; Jordan Yingling, jr., mid.; Alex Kendall, so., mid./wing; Brandon Ahlfeld, so., keeper

Newcomers: Logan Myslinski, so.; Noah Winesickle, so.; Timothy Felix, so.; Brandon Woodring, fr.; Eric Will, fr.; Cody Rinehart, fr.; Ryan Wertz, fr.; Keegan Walack, fr.; Josh Grimes, fr.; Cody Eisaman, fr.; Daniel Brett, fr.; Kyle Leighty, fr.; Zane Baker, fr.; William Kachman, fr.; Noah Cubison, fr.; J.T. Horne, fr.

Strengths: "We have a lot of veteran leadership on this team with state-playoff experience."

Concerns: "We need to focus on one game at a time and get back to the state tournament."

Overall outlook: "We'd like to improve every game and to have a season to remember."

Assistant coaches: Rick Calhoun

Bishop Carroll

Coach: Nick Damin, ninth year

Career record: 40-105-4

League: Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference

Last year's record: 5-13, 4-10 in LHAC

Returning starters: Patrick Corcoran, sr., mid.; Matt Deskevich, sr., mid.; Michael Pyo, sr., mid.; Gabe Gresko, sr., def.; Erick Jennings, sr., striker; Elliot Chilelewski, sr., def.; Conner Dumm, sr., def.; Alex Gruss, jr., mid./striker; Ed Hegemann, so., def.

Other returnees: Ryan Caretti, sr., mid.; Caleb Hanyok, sr., def.; Alex Way, jr., striker; Cody Randall, jr., mid.; Caleb Hogue, jr., def.; Tony Anthony, so., def.; Matthew Bartoletti, so., keeper; Matthew Karlheim, so., striker; Austin Feathers, so., mid.; Nick Lutz, so., mid./striker

Newcomers: Ty Krug, jr., mid.; Lukas Soelter, jr., def.; Mitchell Hogue, fr., keeper; Evan Rieg, fr., mid.; Cole Crusciel, fr., mid./def.; Alex Lee, fr., striker; Zane Murphy, fr., def.

Strengths: "We have great leadership from our senior class and a great deal of upperclassmen returning to provide us with depth at most positions on the field."

Concerns: "We need to learn how to win close games and play consistently for the entire game."

Overall outlook: "We expect to be a playoff team and compete in the district playoffs."

Assistant coaches: Dave Tully, Jade Zatek, David Romani

Bishop Guilfoyle

Coach: Josh Eger, second year

Career record: 4-15

League: Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference

Last year's record: 4-15, 4-7 in LHAC

Returning starters: Andrew Logue, sr., for.; Zane Clarke, sr., mid.; Brendan Trybus, jr., mid; Kylor Kiesewetter, jr., mid.; Justin Kirkland, jr., mid.

Other returnees: Anthony Shank, mid.

Newcomers: Dan Baughman sr., def.; Alex Ciambotti, sr., keeper; Jack Barnes, fr., for.; Alex Gburek, fr., mid; Jake Dillen, fr., mid.

Strengths: "Our strengths will rely mainly on our offense this year, especially with the return of our head captain, leading scorer and Altoona Mirror first-team all star Andrew Logue along with a very impressive, never-give-up attitude in returning junior co-captain Brendan Trybus.

Concerns: "Numbers are always a concern. With only a few substitutes, any injuries that occur would be hard to recover from. Also, with only four returning starters, other players are going to have to step up, especially the freshmen."

Overall outlook: "With a strong offense, we should be able to strongly compete with teams and do well against the other Class A opponents."

Assistant coaches: Daniel Langenbacher Jr.

Cambria Heights

Coach: Ken Kerchenske, first year

Career record: 0-0

League: Laurel Highland Athletic Conference

Last year's record: 5-11, 4-10 LHAC

Returning starters: Garrett Maslonik, sr., stopper; Nathan Lieb, sr., mid./def.; Dylan Maurer, sr., sweeper; Ty Forsythe, sr., def.; Tristin Irwin, sr., keeper; Nathan Patrick, jr., mid.; Zachary Strasser, jr., striker; Kamden Kruise, jr., striker; Sam Waksmunski, jr., mid.; Jonathan Galinis, so., inf.

Other returnees: Julien Panaro, sr., striker; Drew Brown, sr., mid.; Noah Lane, sr., mid.; Travis Yahner, sr., mid.-def.; Dustin Imler, sr., def.; Ryan Shaner, jr., mid.; Isaac Lane, jr., def.; Anthony Huber, jr., def.; Jedidiah Price-Yuknavich, jr., keeper; Christian Bills, jr., mid.; Brandon Soltis, so., mid.; Austin Duclos, so., def.; Zachary Lieb, so., inf.; Justin Shaner, so., striker; Sam Williams, so., def.; Zachary Stoltz, so., def.

Newcomers: Brett Sammarco, sr., def.; Sergey Cook, jr., def.; Nick Milanesi, so., striker-mid.; Cole Kline, so., mid.; Patrick Huber, fr., keeper

Strengths: "With 11 seniors on the roster, we have a lot of leadership, particularly on defense. Our returning starters provide us the experience we need to play together and to start the season competitively. Collectively, our staff this season has over 35 years of experience coaching soccer at all levels.

Concerns: "As always, the Laurel Highlands provides a grueling schedule that forces players to be at their peak - both physically and mentally - the entire season.

Overall outlook: "Coming off a 5-11 season and a year's absense from the playoffs, this team has the potential to return Cambria Heights to the postseason and to make a run into the District 6 Class AA playoffs."

Assistant coaches: Steve Krug, Adam Strasser, Mike Strasser

Junior high coaches: Bob Diamond, Ken Bobak


Coach: Randy Trexler, first year

Career record: 0-0

League: Mountain League

Last year's record: No team

Newcomers: Derek Brown, sr.; Brock Dodson, sr.; Tannar Belles, jr.; Daniel Clapper, jr.; Ben Decker, jr.; Connor Gahagan jr.; Tristen Greenland, jr.; Conner Johnson, jr.; Andrew Johnston, jr.; T.J. Rice, jr.; Zach Slagenweit, jr.

Strengths: "Our biggest strength entering the season is the ability for this inexperienced group to adapt to a fairly high level of possession play in a short time. Sophomore Eric Trexler has three years of classic and premier level experience and has the ability to raise the level of play for his teammates. He will be relied on heavily to help lead his team to goals."

Concerns: "My biggest concern is the team entering into a league with virtually no prior experience and unfamiliarity with opponent's level of competition. Defense will have to work hard to match the level of play with midfielders and forwards."

Overall outlook: "The team will struggle in 2012 but expect to see more success in 2013 and 2014."

Central Cambria

Coach: Brian Reynolds, sixth year

Career record: 31-54-3

League: Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference

Returning starters: Dan Bowman, sr., keeper/def.; Brandon Thomas Fox, sr., mid.; Tyler Karlinsey, sr., def.; Sam O'Brien, sr., def.; Gino Tsikalas, striker-mid.

Other returnees: Austin Connors, sr., striker; Jordan Gibson, sr., mid.-striker; Jake Hale, sr., def.; Luke Kozorosky, sr., mid.; Luke Marcinko, sr., keeper/def.; Micah Primel, sr., def.; Dimitri Tursich, sr., mid.-striker; Augusta Phillips, jr., def.-mid.; Nathan Radebach, jr., def.-mid.; Josh Rosenbaum, jr., mid.; Jack Terndrup, jr., striker/mid.; Noah Vasil, jr., mid.; Jonah Lambie, so., def./mid.; Mark Pavic, so., def./mid.; Perez Youmbi, so., striker/mid.

Newcomers: Tayler Sechrengost, sr., def.; Logan Brandis, jr., def./mid.; Dylan Coposky, jr., mid.; Chase McHenry, jr., mid.; Colby Crimmins, so., mid./striker; Adam Farabaugh, so., mid.; Dalton Connor, fr., def./mid.; Matt Madigan, fr., striker; Justin Meckley, fr., striker/mid.; Bryce Thompson, fr., mid.; Dominik Tursich, fr., mid./striker

Strengths: "Our biggest strength will be our unity. The players over the summer have put aside their differences and put the team first."

Concerns: "Lost some offensive threats but will replace with teamwork. Also, we lack a junior high feeder program that so many other schools have. We have the numbers, but they have yet to experience soccer at a competitive level."

Overall outlook: "I look for us to build on last season's successes and continue to put Central Cambria soccer back on the map. This includes an appearance in the playoffs."

Assistant coaches: Andy Meyers, Cullen Frye, Ben Grove

Chestnut Ridge

Coach: Grant Bischof, second year

Career record: 10-4-2

League: Sideling Hill

Last year's record: 10-4-2

Returning lettermen: Brady Corle, sr., for.; Justin Fleegle, sr., mid.; Josh Ickes, sr., mid.; Dillon Hudson, jr., for.; Kyler Lesh, jr., for.; Matthew Miksich, jr., mid.; Jordan Crist, so., def.; Brad Frankenberry, so., for.; Sean Van Meter, so., mid.

Newcomers: Mathew Claycomb, jr., def.; Caleb Eicher, jr.; Derek Gardner, so.; Luke Hobson, so.; Nicholas Hyde, so.; Caleb Whisker, so.; Cody Baker, fr.; Aaron Burkett, fr.; Brandon Conrad, fr.; Cole Fungaroli, fr.; Holden Lesh, fr.; Colton Parrish, fr.

Strengths: "We have a very skilled offense returning from last year."

Concerns: "We're hoping to rebuild after the graduation of six seniors."

Overall outlook: "We're looking to make it back to the playoffs. I want to build off of the success of last year and continue to have the players improve."

Assistant coaches: Mandy Conahye, J.B. Wiskers


Coach: Steven Foor, fourth year

Career record: 1-45-2

League: Sideling Hill

Last year's record: 0-15-1

Returning starters: Andrew O'Hear, sr., mid.; Ejai Rock, sr., def.; Sheldon Ruby, sr., def.; Dale Clark, jr., def.; Mitchell Kovel, so., for.; Seth Mantia, so., for.; Zach Mearkle, so., keeper

Newcomers: Raven Sphon, sr., for.; James Truax, sr., def.; Dylan Clark, jr., mid.; Samuel Finnegan, jr., mid.; Mac Bair, so., mid.; Ryan Hess, so., mid.; Landon Bambling, fr., for.; Cordel Bridges, fr., mid.; Billy Hood fr., def.; Marc Karns, fr., mid.; Dalton Klotz, fr., mid.; Kevin Knox, fr., mid.; Keithan O'Brien, fr., def.; Tanner Sipes, fr., for.; Chris Marinelli, fr., mid.

Strengths: "With seven returning letterwinners, we have a strong core of players. We have a lot of freshman this year and they have shown a great understanding of the game and will be able to contribute right away. I am thrilled with the number of kids playing this year, which will only make us better."

Overall outlook: "I am looking for the players to continue to mesh as a team. They have all shown a great work ethic and desire to win. If they carry this over into the games we will have great success this season."

Assistant coaches: Paul Clark

Junior high coach: Rodney Sipes


Coach: Craig Shale, ninth year

Career record: 103-47-5

League: None

Last year's record: 14-5

Returning starters: Justin Hann, sr., keeper; Todd Azeles, sr., def.; David Katz, sr., mid.; Javier Cantos, sr., mid.; Zach Franks, sr., for.; Chris Miller, sr., for.

Other returnees: Alec Menard, jr., mid.; Tyler Miller, jr., for.; Luke Riggleman, jr., def.; Eric Miller, so., mid.; Collin Terchanik, so., def.

Newcomers: Ian Bilofsky, sr., def.; Colin Burns, jr., def.; Hunter Marks, so., mid.; Zach Viduya, fr., def.

Strengths: "We have talented group of senior starters with lots of attacking options and one of the best keepers around."

Concerns: "I'm concerned about how quickly a new back four will come together."

Overall outlook: "We are looking forward to an exciting season. This is one of the most attack-minded teams we have had in a long time. We should definitely challenge for a District 6 title."

Assistant coaches: Don Tantius, Brian Wicker


Coach: Phil Hawkins, first year

Career record: 0-0

League: Mountain League

Last year's record: 5-13, 4-5 in ML

Returning starters: Jacob Finkle, sr., keeper; Yogi Lovett, sr., for.; Devon Green, jr., for.; Ryan Shelley, jr., def.; Matt Wilson, jr., for.; Cole Moore, sr., def.

Other returnees: Logan Fultz, sr., for.; Kyle Robinson, sr., keeper/def.; Kyle Thompson, sr., def.; Drake Biddle, jr., def.; Adam Christopher, jr., mid.; Cody Gearhart, jr., mid.; Seth Greenfield, jr., mid.; Max Kemp, jr., for.; John Roth, so., def./mid.

Newcomers: Austin Bauman, so., for.; Kyle Miller, so., def./mid.; Shane Montgomery, so., mid./for.

Strengths: "We have team speed, goalkeeping, veteran forwards with lots of experience, good work ethic and attitudes. We have willingness to work hard to improve team chemistry, good young talent, and we're looking for sophomores and freshmen to step into varsity roles."

Concerns: "Loss of many solid seniors and two juniors moving on to foreign studies which contributed 20 of the team's 36 goals last year and 12 of the 15 assists. Looking for leadership."

Overall outlook: "We are looking to use steady improvement with an eye toward repeating as the Mountain League champions and advancing into District 6 play. Team has set lofty goals despite our relative youth."

Assistant coaches: Jim Roney, Jerry Kruse, Jason Shuck, Matt Wren

Northern Bedford

Coach: Marcus Yeatts, 13th year

Career record: 110-122-8

League: Sideling Hill

Last year's record: 11-9 overall, 7-5

Returning starters: Trenton Barnes, sr., striker; Damian Corle, sr., def.; Mason Replogle, sr., def.; Adam Hoover, sr., def.; Brandon Litzenberger, sr., def.; Tanner Russell, sr., mid.; Tanner Ott, sr., keeper/striker; Coltin Ebersole, jr., striker; Collin Sherlock, jr., mid.; Jonas Bequeath, jr., mid.; Logan Corle, so., keeper

Other returnees: Justin Brunner, sr., mid.; Noah Over, jr., def.; Brendan Over, jr., def.; Bryan Rabb, jr., mid.; Cody Eller so., def.; Trey Childers, so., mid.; Zach States, so., mid.; Dylan Wright, so., mid.

Newcomers: Marcus Crawford, jr., keeper/mid.; Ethan Eckenroad, fr., mid.; J.C. Norris, fr., mid.; Jordan Potter, fr., mid.; Chris Benner, fr., mid.; Brent Baker, fr., def.; Bailey Musselman, fr., def.

Strengths: "We have almost all our players back from last year. We have three players returning up front who are strong scorers."

Concerns: "We need to be stronger on defenseand score goals against quality opponents."

Overall outlook: "We expect to contend for league and district championships this year and to improve as the season goes on."

Assistant coaches: Don Musselman, Mitch Persun


Coach: Shawn Inlow, sixth year

Career record: 45-36-4

League: Mountain League

Last year's record: 12-5-1, 10-3-1 in Mountain League

Returning starters: Christopher Barnhart, sr., mid.; Nick Boumerhi, jr., for.; Brian Evans, sr., def.; Taylor Golemboski, sr., mid.; Alexander Gray, sr., def.; Caleb Henry, sr., mid.; Zach Hynd, sr., mid.; Wyatt Inlow, so., def.; Lucas Kristofits, sr., for.; John Prentice, sr., keeper; Jarrett Rockey, sr., def.

Other returnees: Zach Ament, so., mid.; Aaron Brown, so., def.; Nathaniel Burfield, jr., for.; Shay Clark, jr., def.; Bryan Descavish, sr., for.; Andrew Gray, so., def.; Hunter Honan, jr., mid.; Skyler Krise, so., mid.; Levi Muir, jr., for.; James Shaw, jr., def.; Chance Watro, so., mid.; Mitchell Winters, so., def.

Newcomers: Kyle Albert, fr., mid.; Anthony Cassler, fr., mid.; Denver Greenawalt, jr., def.; Ashton Henry, fr. mid.; Aaron James, fr., def.; Austin Krise, fr. for.; Nathan Kristofits, fr., mid.; Jace Martin, fr., def.

Strengths: "We are a very good defensive team with loads of experience and 11 seniors on the roster. Furthermore, we are very deep with good younger players available to substitute at every position."

Concerns: "We have graduated an All-State player in Alex Boumerhi. He and his classmates Greg Kojadinovich, Antonio Turrigiano and Dustin Fisch accounted for 75 percent of our goal scoring last year and 50 percent of our assists."

Overall outlook: "We are a deep, experienced team that has gone to the district playoffs two years running and expect to win our league, our district and run as deep into the state tournament as luck will allow."

Assistant coaches: Tom Petro


League: Mountain League

Last year's record: 4-14

Returning starters: Kyle Bartlett, sr., mid.; Andrew Burget, sr., def.; Alex Bartlett, jr., for.; Tristan Case, jr., mid.; Daron Daly, jr., def.; Bobby Dawson, jr., for.; Kris Seminario, jr., for.; Ben Shetler, jr., for.; Ian Schmoke, so., mid.; Jeremy Wilson, so., def.

Other returnees: Tyler Gill, sr., keeper; Kyle Raabe, sr., def.; Mike Wilson, sr., def.; Bailey Christine, jr., def.; R.J. Focht, jr., def.; Zach Friday, jr., for.; Shawn Phillips, jr., def.; Chris Bonsell, so., mid.; Josh Wilson, so., for.

Newcomers: Noah D'Angelo, fr., for.; Connor Himes, fr., def.; Ethan Kolbfleisch, fr., def.; Nick Mallory, fr., def.; Anthony Politza, fr., keeper

Strengths: "We have 13 returning lettermen from last year, so this is definitely a veteran team."

Concerns: "We need to find someone to step up to play the goalie position. We also will need more production from our forwards."

Overall outlook: "We should be much improved this year. The team has a lot more experience and a lot more focus than they had last year. We want to compete for the Mountain League title."

Assistant coaches: Chad Hunter

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