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McCombie posture refreshing

August 12, 2012
The Altoona Mirror


How refreshing to read the article this morning on one of the new Penn State trustees, Ryan McCombie, who intends to file an appeal of the NCAA sanctions and penalties against Penn State.

Looks and sounds like there are others who are going to join him.

Of course, it had to be one of the newly elected trustees because I'm still personally convinced that the rest of them still have things to hide.

Why else would Rod Erickson accept those harsh penalties on his own if not to protect himself and others when they are not personally attacked in the Freeh report?

Of course, the whole Freeh report to me was like letting the fox guard the henhouse.

How can you explain hiring a guy like Freeh to do his own investigation into alleged coverups by others at Penn State when he had been accused of coverups himself when heading up the FBI?

I'm not into Facebook, Twitter and all of that other stuff, but sometimes the Internet can be a very interesting and enlightening tool. All you have to do is Google this guy Freeh and wonder how and why the Board of Trustees retained him in the first place.

But then again it all starts to come together.

So it was nice today to see that there is someone now on that board who really does seem to care about what others have agreed are extremely harsh penalties and to stick up for the school, the students and the athletes.

The NCAA has always been something of a joke to start with so perhaps Ryan McCombie and others can expose them for what they really are. And what they are is not very much. They found this great opportunity to look important and bring down a program that has always done more for them they have ever done for any of their membership schools.

I'm with Ryan McCombie. Let's hope he is successful with his appeal.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas

Paterno unfairly singled out

In this country it used to be that an individual was considered innocent until proven guilty.

This certainly is not true in the world we live in today. Now supposed expert opinions, reports full of speculation and innuendo, and just a barrage of vicious vitriol can condemn an individual. This is what has happened to Joe Paterno.

Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of committing horrific acts on the most innocent of those in our society. We can all agree with this. The victims need to be foremost in our thoughts and prayers. There is no argument about this fact.

Coach Paterno never was afforded the opportunity to be heard. JoePa never truly got to tell his side of the story. He is being brutally portrayed by many local and national pundits as an uncaring power monger.

I find this portrayal of coach Paterno hard to swallow.

Here is a man who coached football teams that were always at the top in academics. The graduation rate was exemplary. Players were brought to task if classes were missed, and tutors were utilized to help players struggling academically.

As NCAA president Mark Emmert stated, this is the type of culture each school is striving to achieve.

Many elements were involved in the failure to stop Sandusky's deplorable actions. Legal authorities (especially in 1998), The Second Mile, actual witnesses to deviate acts, and Penn State hierarchy can share in the blame.

Condemn Sandusky for what he did to these children. We can all agree that Sandusky should have been stopped sooner than he was. But don't single out coach Paterno for what was a failure of many. Remember: Paterno never really got a chance to tell his side of the story.

George Klayko


Hoping PSU pride remains strong

I personally hope the student body of Penn State will continue to say, "We Are ... Penn State."

The students are the ones who make up the university.

Football is part of it, but it is not the only thing that makes Penn State what it is and has been.

Penn State has always stood for excellence in academics. I hope everyone remembers that.

We all can still hold our heads up and be proud that our children have a Penn State degree.

Patricia Gentile


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