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Curve management a cut above

June 1, 2008
The Altoona Mirror
In 2002, Chuck Greenberg and his group took over the Altoona Curve franchise, and Todd Parnell was named the new general manager.

I met them both at the 2002 ‘‘Meet the Curve Fanfest,’’ and from the beginning, they vowed to make the Curve an organization the entire area would be proud of, and to the Curve Nation, they have more than exceeded this promise.

Anyone who knows Parney knows that he eats, sleeps and lives for Altoona Curve baseball and Altoona Curve fans, and will, (and does) anything and everything in his power to make going to a Curve game a new and enjoyable experience every time out.

No one was more disappointed and/or frustrated when poor field conditions caused the now infamous cancellation of a doubleheader May 14 when the weather was great for baseball, and Parney’s comments about fan support was a direct result of frustration.

Of course, Cory Giger’s criticism Parney didn’t help the situation.

Of course, right from the get-go, Irish Coakley and Parney took the blame for that one, even though they had absolutely nothing to do with the breakdown of the field’s drainage system.

I can sympathize with the fans who drive from out of town, given the price of gasoline, but the cost of everything we buy is directly related to the gas prices, and neither Parney nor the Curve have anything to do with that.

The Curve have tried to help with more $1 hot dog nights, half-price Curve Burger nights, and giving a $5 gift card to 1,000 fans, so they’re not oblivious to what the fans are going through — and I’m sure they are trying to find other ways to help keep the price of attending a ballgame more affordable.

There have always been two types of Curve fans — the few who complain about everything and everybody, no matter how good things are going, and the vast majority of fans, the Curve Nation, who have the deserved reputation of the best fans in baseball.

The success of this franchise is, besides these fans, directly related to the ownership, management, support staffs and every employee at the ballpark, as well as the players themselves who make Curve baseball what it is.

Like the fans, they are the best in the game.

Ed Leipold


DISH Network disappoints

I just want to thank the DISH network for ruining my hockey season.

All season, and in seasons past, I have watched the Penguins on Fox Sports Pittsburgh. Now when it comes down to crunch time — the playoffs — I’m unable to watch the games because they are on Versus, which is not part of my DISH package.

I pay almost $80 a month for DISH HD. This doesn’t include any premium movie channels. When my DISH HD package expires, I’ll be looking for a system that gives its customers a break.

This is just another example where the consumer is at the mercy of the provider.

Vance Bolan


Pens’ bandwagon crowded

Now that my beloved Penguins have made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs, it seems that everyone has become a Penguins fan.

I do not mind people cheering on our “hometown” boys, but what I do mind is when some of these same fans are the ones who just a few years ago were making comments like, “the Pens stink,” or the funniest one I ever heard, “the Pens are never going to win it.”

My other grumble about all of hockey’s new fans is that many know nothing about the sport. Recently, I’ve had to end up watching most of the games by myself or with a few friends who do know their hockey.

I was tired of going somewhere and hearing someone ask, “Why did they blow the whistle?” or the best, “How many points do they get if the puck goes into the net?”

I thought some people would have had the smarts to go online and find the answers to questions such as these. When I went on Google and typed in basic hockey rules, there were about 20 Web sites that popped up.

The best site I was able to find with diagrams and simple explanations was

If you do not know anything about hockey, please go onto this Web site and find answers.

As a Pittsburgh fan (which include the Pens, Steelers and even the Bucs), I love seeing all of the black and gold.

Now, if we could only get the same support for the Pirates!

Ryan Baranik


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