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Many issues more critical than taping

May 22, 2008
The Altoona Mirror
Sen. Arlen Specter is right: An “objective investigation” is needed.

But rather than looking into the New England Patriots taping of opponents’ signals, we need to be looking into why Pennsylvania’s senior senator is wasting time mugging for the cameras about the so-called Spygate rather than addressing the real needs of his constituents.

Specter has come under widespread criticism for continuing to focus on the improper taping by the Patriots and the NFL’s response. And the Pennsylvania Republican deserves every bit of it.

When it comes to addressing the needs of Americans, worrying about the Patriots’ cheating isn’t even on the map.

Fuel prices are reaching the stratosphere; the economy is wobbly; inflation is inflating; Americans are losing jobs; prices for food and other necessities are rising; the cost of health care continues to be an ailment; our roads and infrastructure are falling apart; laws and regulations continue to impede energy development in this country; terrorism remains a frightening prospect; our borders leak like a sieve; and, certainly not least, our troops are strained from fighting two wars, and some are coming home to embarrassing living conditions at military facilities.

And Specter thinks Spygate is worthy of Congress’ time and our tax dollars? Talk about government waste — now that’s a subject worthy of an objective investigation.

Specter needs to spend some time with his constituents and find out what issues are affecting their lives and are a real worry to them. We’d bet Spygate would be way down the list, if it shows up at all.

Our members of Congress are supposed to serve the needs of the public. It’s time for Specter to forget the taping by the Patriots and address the critical issues really facing Americans.

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