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A tribute to all moms

May 13, 2008
The Altoona Mirror
There’s a reason why athletes say “Hi Mom” when the cameras are on them, and Chunky Soup pays tribute to the NFL Team Mothers.

Most of us wouldn’t have the chance to participate in athletics at all without our moms. From T-ball to the Olympics, we count on her for so many things: from taxi driver to doctor, she has to wear so many hats.

Some moms never knew what sports were about until their kids got in the game; then they learn the lingo, develop the pride and passion for sports and become our biggest fans.

Here are some of the reasons to take the time to thank her:

n Shuttle service. Where would Little Leaguers and youth soccer stars be without the Mom Mobile? She routinely hauls not only her own children but carpools their friends to practices, games, camps and clinics. And with the price of gas these days, that’s no small chore. Imagine the miles the mini-van can rack up in a single season.

n Equipment manager. Mom makes sure we look like a champion, even when we’re not performing like one. From sneakers to spikes, shin guards to shoulder pads, Mom buys, organizes, transports and repairs our gear. Not to mention the laundry! Mom has the task of cleaning grass-stained pants, dirty jerseys and sweaty socks, all in time for game day.

n Fundraising. It’s not cheap to play on any team: equipment, travel, dues all stack up. How many of our moms have worked concession stands, made hoagies or delivered candy and candles just so our teams could take the field?

n Professional juggler. The demands of a sports schedule could become a full-time job in itself, but Mom finds the time to take us to practice, cheer us on at games, and somehow get her own work done, too. Imagine when Mom has two or three kids of different ages in different sports. She epitomizes the art of time management.

n Medical care. From skinned knees to broken bones, Mom bandages our boo-boos, soothes our sores and even take us to the emergency room when needed. And in this day and age it takes almost as much medical paperwork to play sports as to buy a house. Moms cut through the red tape, too.

n Counseling care. When the thrill of victory turns to the agony of defeat, Mom pumps up our ego and dries our tears. Life isn’t always fair, and neither are sports. Mom helps us through the tough times.

n Fan base. At the end of the day, Mom doesn’t care if we miss a clutch free throw, strike out with the bases loaded, or toss a last-second interception. She doesn’t worry about our batting average, quarterback rating or goal total. She doesn’t fret if our team doesn’t take home the title. Mom loves us win or lose, and that may be her greatest gift of all.

Kellie Goodman can be reached at Her column runs on Tuesdays.

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