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Sports letters to the editor

February 24, 2008
The Altoona Mirror
I am writing to express what I believe is the continued hassling of out-of-town fans that attend sporting events at the Altoona High School Fieldhouse.

During the District 6 wrestling event, I, along with 40-50 other fans, was issued a parking ticket. Some had their vehicles towed away incurring costs of $15 to over $100 for parking along 4th Ave on the 1400 block.

There is one small ‘‘no parking’’ sign on the 15th Street end, which many fans did not see. There was an announcement made during the event that many fans did not hear because of the noise of the event.

It’s strange that you can go up one block to 3rd Ave. and even 2nd Ave. and can barely drive through because there is parking on both sides of those streets. If this ‘‘no parking’’ area along 4th Ave. is so dangerous, it should be posted better.

By the way, I did not see any police as I later (9:30 p.m.) walked three blocks to my car in a dimly-lit area where recent newspaper articles identified some bad situations.

I, for one, will never attend another event in the Fieldhouse. I think District 6 should seriously consider moving back to Tyrone, where ample parking is available for all fans.

Darian W. Miller


Patriots turn him off

I’m no NASCAR fan, so I do not know a lot about the person’s team that got fined. But I follow the NFL.

Now NASCAR’s team had some infraction of their rules, so they got fined. The Patriots team had a infraction of the NFL’s rule, and they got a slap on the wrist.

Why is there an exception for the Patriots?

In my life, some people get away with things only for awhile, then they wonder why bad things are happening.

Now the Patriots think the rules don’t pertain to them. If they would have won the Super Bowl, I would have never watched them again.

Gene R. Vandenberg

Northern Cambria

Shot at Erykson off base

Is Richard Lohsl a radio consultant? Does he understand the business at all? Does he even know who Adam Erykson (yes that’s how it is spelled) is?

Scott Franco’s column was not intended to get more listeners. The Mirror came to Adam.

I understand Mr. Lohsl has a right to his opinion, as everyone does. Adam has one of the longest-running morning shows broadcasting in the Altoona radio market and has had constantly strong ratings every period.

He is also a great person off the air. He knows sports and his ‘‘Friday football picks’’ with Neil Rudel was just for entertainment — and a great tie-in to the football weekend. Did I mention Adam is also the program director and not just a morning show host?

I don’t know why Lohsl is attacking a person he doesn’t even know. Listening to Adam’s radio show would make Lohsl smile.

Tom Harpster


(Editor’s note: The writer, formerly Mike Thomas, was the former program director at WBXQ-94 from 1991-97).

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