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Letters to the sports editor

February 10, 2008
The Altoona Mirror
PSU probably collectively pays its whole football coaching staff less than or equal to what only one big-time head coach gets paid.

My guess is Joe will be there (barring health) for several more years with many of the current loyal staff. It’s job security for them in the current volatile college coaching world, and the university is in no hurry to shell out huge bucks to a whole new staff as long as Joe can at least have a winning season and get a bowl bid with money attached.

Of course, a big win over Michigan or OSU would help for more dollars.

No different than corporate America, PSU is about making money also, not giving it away for what, a few more wins and most likely a less educated student athlete?

PSU is about education also. How many Division I schools get 100,000-plus fans for a non-conference game and can graduate 80 percent? I believe we are very different than all the other big conference name schools, Big Ten included.

I think PSU is making more money with Joe and his staff even with a 8-5 or 9-4 season than we would with a higher-paid staff even at 12-0 every couple years. So in the university’s eyes, if the football team is 9-4 but pays out $4-5 million less a year with an 80 percent graduation rate than an LSU team with a mythical national football championship at 12-2 and $5-6 million less in their pocket and only a 40 percent or less graduation rate, then PSU is rightly the true winner overall.

Jim Scholz


Young knows global warming

While I don’t agree with Walt Young on everything (I had a very poor season fishing the Juniata), I believe he is right on in regards to the global warming issue.

I have been teaching middle school science for 35 years and have observed very closely theories as they came and went. One constant has been the scientific community’s ideas that climate has changed, does change, and will change, and it has been this way in varying cycles for hundreds of millions of years.

The ecopsychotics seem to believe that Al Gore also invented global warming, and they line up like sheep to flail about wanting human change to occur.

It’s the same old story from these alarmists. They thrive on change. Doesn’t matter if it’s valid or reasonable.

According to the book “Planet Earth,” we are in the end of a 20,000-year cycle of climate change, in which it will get a bit cooler before actually warming. While we are still hundreds of years away from the final results, there is nothing to be done. It will happen no matter what we do.

Young should keep up his sage words, because so many listen only to the kooks without taking the time to actually question if what they are saying is accurate.

As Young has stated, many of those on this bandwagon were crying global cooling 25 years ago, or that Florida would dry up and become the next “dust bowl” state only about 15 years ago.

Joseph Maschue


PSU can have best of all worlds

In response to Neil Rudel’s column on Bob Knight not getting the Penn State basketball job in 1968, look at what Tennessee has done with its basketball program.

It ranked below football and women’s basketball. Then Tennessee brought in Bruce Pearl three years ago. The Vols now play an exciting, wide-open style of basketball (see Tuesday night’s 104-82 win over Florida).

Tennessee is now a Top 10 program, and attendance is 20,000 per game. Seating at arena was actually reduced due to newly added suites, all of which are leased/sold, and there’s a waiting list).

It can be done, if there is a commitment from the administration.

David Toltzis


Ignore word from bleachers

I’m writing in response to Nate Cobler’s letter posted on Jan 27 regarding his lack of experience and narrow view.

I agree with Nate regarding one thing: This [Chestnut Ridge] team lacked experience. But they were fortunate the underclassmen were ready to step up, work hard and fill the void. This coach was blessed with talented freshman and at the same time burdened by a few know-it-alls like Nate.

As far as ‘‘game plan and coaching style,” the coach should stick with his game plan. He should play his best team and ignore the self-proclaimed know-it-alls sitting in the bleachers.

I would like to take this time to personally thank Nate for giving this team and new coach yet another thing to distract them. After all, when his thoughts landed in the newspaper, the team had just four regular season games left. His analysis had to make a positive impact on the team.

Michelle Buttry


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