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Letters to the editor

January 27, 2008
The Altoona Mirror
Young oversteps bounds

I find it curious that Walt Young is offended when celebrities with no particular expertise in global climatology use their fame to publicize their opinions on the impact of global warming.

He fails to see the hypocrisy of using his own weekly column to repeatedly deny the human causes of global warming, despite the fact that he possesses no more expertise in the subject than the celebrities of which he is so dismissive.

While I personally believe that it is irresponsible for anyone, particularly an avid outdoorsman, to so matter-of-factly deny the existence of what the National Academy of Sciences and the Bush administration’s own EPA have concluded is real (see, I will not question that it is his right as an American to do so.

However, as a journalist, Young (or his editors) do have a professional responsibility to avoid commenting on topics for which he possesses no professional qualifications.

Moreover, I’m sure that there are many readers like myself who enjoy reading the sports page in part because it is relief from the partisan bickering that has overtaken so much of the news. It’s disappointing that Young has chosen to bring this low level political hackery to the sports page as well.

In the future, I would like to ask Young to please stick to topics about which he is actually qualified to write, namely hunting and fishing, and leave the right-wing political propaganda where one would expect to find it — on the Mirror’s opinion page.

Todd Cammarata


View from the ‘Ridge’

If you’re a newly hired head coach of a basketball team that has experienced players, why wouldn’t you start or play them?

I have attended games under the old girls coach at Chestnut Ridge. Those games were well played and well coached. He knew what he was doing to help the team win.

The girls finished last season with a winning record and a spot in the playoffs. Although they lost their first-round game, there were high aspirations for this season due to the fact that they were having such an experienced team returning.

The coach didn’t come back for this year.

I have attended several games this year under the new coach. I must say for a team that had such high hopes for this year, those hopes have been crushed. I question why the coach isn’t starting his most experienced players.

Ridge starts with inexperienced players almost every single game, and sometimes they win but most of the time they lose. Ridge needs to do something, whether it be changing their game plan or coaching style.

Nate Cobler


Anxious for PSU plan

I just read the article that stated the administration at PSU has not had any discussions with Joe Paterno concerning the future of the head coaching position.This is a travesty!

How can Graham Spanier and Tim Curley even begin to justify such a position? Even if PSU’s program was a perennial Top 10 power, this condition is unfathomable.

If this statement is correct, it is no wonder the program has slipped to the extent it has. How in the world can such a condition even be remotely considered as adequate administration? Football is ‘‘huge’’ business, its revenues support the entire sports program at the university.

How can anyone in these positions of president and athletic director even begin to justify this situation?

Oh, the article also stated the administration was not going to allow the board to play a role in this selection process. So I guess it boils down to Curley picking the successor with Spanier’s approval, which probably means that essentially Joe picks his successor.

Joe has arguably earned the right to participate in the process, but the extent of his influence is another serious concern.

Barry Rex

Poquoson, Va.

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