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Morning man knows his football

January 14, 2008
By Scott Franco,
Some news and notes while wondering whether or not ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd will explode on air the day Joe Paterno retires from college football:

Lots of people make predictions on the radio when it comes to the National Football League, but few do as well as Adam Erikson of Q-94 (WBXQ-FM 94) did this past season.

Erikson, the morning on-air personality, does a show with the Mirror’s Neil Rudel on Fridays during the football season picking games. He was 16-1 on the Steelers, including a 16-0 mark during the regular season, losing only the playoff game.

“I let Neil go first on the playoff game and I was buying what he was selling after hearing his reason for predicting the Steelers,” Erikson laughs. “Let’s put the blame on him for the loss.”

That means Erikson predicted such notable gems as the losses to the Jets, Cardinals and Broncos, all teams the Steelers — on paper — were better than this year.

But if you know the Erikson family, here’s guessing Adam leans (wink) on his brothers for a lot of his knowledge.

Fox not up to par

Is it me or does Fox lack a great play-by-play guy for calling college football?

It’s notable now since Fox has the BCS title game and will for the foreseeable future, plus the Orange, Fiesta and Cotton Bowls. The only real standout voice was the retired Pat Summerall, coming out of retirement, to do the Cotton Bowl with Missouri and Arkansas.

Unless you are going to use Joe Buck on every game, and Fox didn’t, it did not have the on-air talent that ABC/ESPN does in Brad Nessler, Brett Musberger and Mike Patrick. Thom Brenneman, who did the LSU-Ohio State game play-by-play alongside color analyst Charles Davis, just doesn’t jazz up the broadcast enough for me.

It’s still amazing to me that a conglomerate like Disney, which owns ABC/ESPN, could let Fox outbid it for such a cash cow as college football.

You date a girl in high school all year long, but then someone else takes her to the prom in May. It’s not right.

Check it out

If you’re a pro football fan, you need to keep tabs on the NFL Network this month.

The network is rebroadcasting, in their entirety, the best of the 41 Super Bowls from the past. Last week, I watched a majority of the 1969 Super Bowl between the Jets and Colts, and it’s amazing how simple the graphics were, and how wonderful a play-by-play man Curt Gowdy was in his day.

There are other worthy programs on the network, but you need to check your listings almost daily because the honchos in charge move a lot of the network programs around quite a lot.

For instance, at 6 a.m. one day, I got to watch a show featuring the top 10 NFL controversies of all time. They also did a show on the top 10 weather games in NFL history.

They are reminiscent of the old NFL Films shows that used to appear on ESPN back in the 1980s.

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