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Ferguson melodrama troubling

August 20, 2014 Even if the police in Ferguson, Missouri, are the brutal occupying force alleged by the protestors there, what do local shop owners have to do with it? In the wake of the police shooting of... more »»

Over 10 years, determination, sense of unity shine

August 18, 2014 Three years ago, 31 U.S. troops were killed when a military helicopter was shot down in eastern Afghanistan. The dead included U.S. Navy SEALs, U.S. Army soldiers and a military working dog. more »»

Get ready for round of denials

August 18, 2014 Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera accused Matt Drudge’s website of “the worst kind of jingoistic rhetoric ever” for carrying news stories about the dangers of illegal immigratio. more »»

Inaction on ‘trash’ bill inexcusable

August 18, 2014 Absent action by the Pennsylvania Legislature (surprise, surprise), U.S. Sen. more »»

We can’t take clean water for granted (Washington) Observer-Reporter When we turn on the taps in our homes, we take it for granted that clean, safe water will flow forth from them. We shouldn’t. The folks in Toledo, Ohio, certainly won’t. They endured a

August 16, 2014 When we turn on the taps in our homes, we take it for granted that clean, safe water will flow forth from them. We shouldn’t. The folks in Toledo, Ohio, certainly won’t. more »»

Obama can’t show weakness

August 16, 2014 Judging by the way he holds his cards so close to his vest, President Obama must be an awfully good poker playe. more »»

Refusing to see forest through trees

August 16, 2014 Wonder of wonders: The Washington press corps woke up. Finally, mainstream journalists are onto Barack Obama’s game. more »»

Less benefits, more jobs? Ryan is right

August 14, 2014 Neel Kashkari, the Republican candidate for governor of California, just recounted in The Wall Street Journal his week on the streets of Fresno posing as a homeless man looking for work. more »»

We’re all people, not citizens

August 14, 2014 Remember when Mitt Romney told a citizen, “Corporations are people, my friend”? This once-false belief was made real by Citizens United — one of the worst-ever Supreme Court decisions in recent times. more »»

Discrimination of sexuality turns to gender

August 13, 2014 “Anti-LGBT attitudes are terrible for people in all sorts of communities. They linger and oppress, and we need to stamp them out, ruthlessly,” tweeted Josh Barro, a writer for the New York Time. more »»

American optimism on life support

August 13, 2014 A long time ago, maybe in the first Eisenhower administration, my precinct committeewoman taught me the unchanging rules of how to respond to public opinion polls. more »»

Medal of Honor recipient counting his blessings

August 11, 2014 When I asked the nation’s newest Medal of Honor recipient why he enlisted less than two years after 9/11, his answer was unequivocal. more »»

A progressive with a punch

August 11, 2014 WASHINGTON — If Ohio’s senior senator were named Sharon Brown instead of Sherrod Brown, progressives would have a plausible political pin-up and a serious alternative to the tawdry boredom of Hillar... more »»

Nanny-state mindset fuels police brutality

August 9, 2014 In Florida recently, police pulled up to a young boy playing in the park and asked where his mother live. more »»

House passes thoughtful response

August 9, 2014 The situation on our southern border is a humanitarian crisis. more »»

Steps to real pension reform

August 6, 2014 Gov. Corbett and legislative leaders are bickering over pension reform. It’s a disagreement of little consequence, because the reform they want is of little consequenc. more »»

Proposed amendments reek of hypocrisy

August 6, 2014 Let us now praise Democratic hypocrisy. Throughout my life, various Republicans have suggested amending the Constitution in one way or another. more »»

Anti-capitalist attitudes hurt market

August 5, 2014 I’m the underachiever in my family. My parents also produced Harvard Medical School research director Thomas Stossel. Mom called him the one who had “a real jo. more »»

One person made difference

August 5, 2014 When Cokie was a freshman at Wellesley College in 1960, she met a boy from Harvard named Marc Roberts at a political event. more »»

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