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Both need to work together if system is to succeed

June 30, 2015 Let’s start by acknowledging that while there are some good landlords and some good tenants in the city of Altoona, they appear to be in the minority. more »»

Roberts’ doctrine damaging

June 30, 2015 WASHINGTON — Although conservatives are dismayed about the Supreme Court’s complicity in rewriting the Affordable Care Act — its ratification of the IRS’ disregard of the statute’s plain and... more »»

Local food is growing roots

June 29, 2015 With 304, Pennsylvania ranks among the top 10 states across the country for farmers market. more »»

Confederate flag should come down

June 28, 2015 WASHINGTON — In a historic moment, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is calling for the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the Statehouse ground. more »»

Providing (more) answers on reassessment why now, its impact, cost

June 28, 2015 Some people still ask why the county is doing a reassessment now and what its impact will be. more »»

Charleston needs time to grieve

June 24, 2015 WASHINGTON — Unspeakable, unimaginable, incomprehensible and unthinkable are the words we’ve heard and used to describe the horrific murders of nine African-Americans as they prayed in a Charleston,... more »»

Public can’t be in dark about TPA

June 21, 2015 After the colonists broke away from a tyrannical British monarch, the founding fathers of our country stitched together a constitution whose basic fabric was based upon a system of checks and... more »»

Best ‘present’ on Father’s Day? Be present

June 21, 2015 Sadly, too many Americans are growing up without the presence of a father. According to the U.S. Census Bureau 24 million children live in biological-absent father homes. more »»

Added gambling can’t be included in budget deal

June 20, 2015 With the June 30 state budget deadline approaching, the General Assembly and Gov. Tom Wolf are scrambling to fill a $2.3 billion shortfall between Wolf’s proposed budget and expected revenues. more »»

China’s big hack attack

June 20, 2015 Upon hearing of the massive data breach of employee information from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) — allegedly by hackers working for the Chinese government — Kay Cole James, the former... more »»

Proud aunt of merged family

June 20, 2015 The first time I met Marcia Grace, she adopted me as her project. She was 5 at the time. more »»

Pennsylvania should move next primary

June 19, 2015 Although the first presidential primary election is still about six months away, interest in the races is starting to build. more »»

New Iraq war trap for Hillary

June 19, 2015 President Barack Obama’s decision to send 450 more American troops to Iraq has put Hillary Clinton in a tough spot. more »»

Jeb the front-runner in name only

June 19, 2015 The last time Jeb Bush ran for office, it was 13 years ago. Barack Obama was serving in the Illinois state Senate. No one had heard of Obamacare or the tea party, and wouldn’t for years. more »»

Off-track parlors don’t need slots

June 15, 2015 It makes sense that pro-gambling state legislators want to expand the scope of gambling in off-track betting parlors, because when it comes to increasing state revenue, they are one-trick ponie. more »»

Stalking via cyberspace challenging

June 15, 2015 What if you got a message on your Facebook account from someone you knew was angry with you that read, “There’s one way to love ya, but a thousand ways to kill ya. more »»

Politico’s Clinton-scandal ousters

June 15, 2015 Politico keeps posting ridiculous columns by both Democrats and Republicans who charge that the Clinton scandals are either (1) nonexistent or (2) all politically harmless. more »»

Cyber stalking just got harder to punish

June 14, 2015 What if you got a message on your Facebook account from someone you knew was angry with you that read, “There’s one way to love ya, but a thousand ways to kill y. more »»

A vote for TPA is not a vote for Obama

June 14, 2015 WASHINGTON — Before presidential politics — the game of getting to 270 electoral votes — completely eclipses governing, there is the urgent task of getting to 217 votes in the House of... more »»

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