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Altoona had feeling for Sinatra

March 10, 2012 The annual “Night for the Mishler” was held a week ago and sold out Altoona’s grand old theater. Entertainment for the evening was provided by Steve Lippia and his band. more »»

School directors in a tough spot

February 19, 2012 Some random thoughts from a small-town editor trying to help build a big-time paper: *Though it’s a thankless and unpaid job, there are probably times when it’s fun to be a school board membe. more »»

1 percenters shouldn’t be scorned

February 12, 2012 Today there is a great deal of demagoguery around the stereotype of nameless, faceless, anonymous persons called “the one percent,” who have an undeservedly large income and share of wealth and are... more »»

Media race should be for accuracy

February 5, 2012 Some notes from a small-town editor trying to help build a big-time paper: There used to be a saying “don’t believe everything you rea. more »»

Demagoguery clouds income tax debate

January 1, 2012 By Christopher Gable The president has proposed that the solution to our budget problem is that “millionaires and billionaires” pay more in income taxe. more »»

Remove Postal Service restraints

December 19, 2011 As Congress considers legislation to reform the business model of the Postal Service, it must confront a basic choice: to permit the Postal Service to function more as a business does or constrain i... more »»

PSU brass turned back on McQueary

December 17, 2011 HARRISBURG — Mike McQueary has been vilified nationally to the extent that it’s highly unlikely he’ll be coaching in college football anytime soon, if ever again. more »»

Bracing for story’s next step

December 11, 2011 By Neil Rudel It’s been five weeks since the biggest local story of our lifetime broke — the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office charging former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky... more »»

Don’t be a turkey, Christmas can wait

November 24, 2011 Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas this year is for others to stop rushing it. Every year, I feel myself getting tugged along on a holiday roller coaster I didn’t even stand in line to get on. more »»

Entitlement culture on college campuses fuels riots

November 12, 2011 “Of course we’re going to riot,” Paul Howard, a 24-year-old aerospace engineering student at Penn State University, told The New York Times. more »»

End of lion won’t overshadow greatest tenure

November 10, 2011 UNIVERSITY PARK — Coaches at all levels know, and even joke, that they’re hired to be fired. That apparently now includes the winningest college football coach of all time. more »»

Turning BACK the clock

November 5, 2011 Some notes from a small-town editor trying to help build a big-time paper: Be sure to set your clocks back an hour tonight. more »»

Sharing facts on CPHS mission

October 22, 2011 The recent letter from Carol Stuart regarding the trap/neuter/release program begun by the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society highlights a very serious problem in our area. more »»

State spending cutbacks hurting public schools

September 29, 2011 State spending cuts to public education are hurting Pennsylvania’s public schools. more »»

US must ‘stop nonsense’

September 14, 2011 Americans are angry and with good reason. They are hurting from unemployment, uncertainty in stock market investments and declining retirement funds. more »»

9/11 coverage on tap

September 5, 2011 Some notes from a small-town editor trying to help build a big-time paper: Like virtually every newspaper and media outlet in the country, the Mirror will be devoting a considerable amount of space... more »»

Why we should care about U.S. deficits and debt

September 4, 2011 The last few generations should be forgiven for living beyond their means. The spending felt good, and there seemed to be no price to pay for the profligacy. more »»

State smart to expand right to use guns in self-defense

August 18, 2011 To further the protection of residents’ Second Amendment rights, Gov. Tom Corbett signed House Bill 40, expanding what’s known as the Castle Doctrine. The changes will go into effect late next week. more »»

Abuse claims get readers growling

August 7, 2011 Some notes from a small-town editor trying to help build a big-time paper: The response we get when we publish stories about animals is incredible. more »»

Strike down illusion that government programs free

August 7, 2011 In the 1800s, two French observers of political economy made statements that are validated by present day experienc. more »»

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