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Don’t underestimate danger of suspect

February 28, 2014 I am writing in response to the Feb. more »»

Slippery day brings opportunity to interact

February 28, 2014 I was at the Walmart store in East Freedom Sunday morning, Feb. 16, to do some shopping. more »»

Make school calendar go all year round

February 27, 2014 With all of the school closings and delays so far this year, I have a question: If a student has classes during those two hours of delay, when are these hours made up? They are not because two-hour... more »»

Patients should have say in UPMC-nurses dispute

February 27, 2014 During any contract negotiations, the company wants to give the least and the workers want to get the most. This is what is going on between UPMC and the Altoona nurses. more »»

Without negotiating room, Penelec not fair

February 27, 2014 The Penelec lockout and the nurses’ strike are resounding proof that American workers are alive and well. more »»

Now like France, Altoona needs legislative help

February 27, 2014 When Marie Antoinette, the queen of France, was told the people of Paris were starving and there was no bread to eat, she said, “Let them eat cake,” and so began a war between the aristocrats and th... more »»

Residents, not the city, should shovel walks

February 26, 2014 Having just read a letter to the editor by Pat Threadgill, I find it quite amusing that people think that it’s the city’s responsibility to clear the sidewalks of snow. more »»

Plow alleys, please

February 26, 2014 I am angry, frustrated and stressed over the city of Altoona’s highway department. I understand about the plowing thing, but whoever runs it all needs to take a trip down my alley. more »»

Right to Work laws are not anti-labor

February 25, 2014 The recent letter concerning the Right to Work issue is somewhat misleadin. more »»

Gun laws reasonable

February 24, 2014 “They’re gonna take our guns.” That is something I have heard for 50 years. Yet there are more guns in private hands today than ever before in the USA. No one has ever come for my guns. more »»

Take threats seriously

February 24, 2014 I read the article “PSU Altoona student arrested on weapons of mass destruction charge.” When I was in middle school there were four bomb threats in one wee. more »»

Again, government overstepping its bounds

February 22, 2014 Just when I think President Obama can’t come up with another way to waste our money, he does. more »»

‘Paycheck protection’ should be condemned

February 21, 2014 Another attack on workers’ rights is brewing in Harrisburg. This time it’s in the guise of a so-called cost-savings measure known as “paycheck protection. more »»

Weather forecasting more wrong than right

February 21, 2014 2013-14 has been a terrible winter. When we have bad winters, we depend on the weatherman a lot. Kids’ care, schools and work are all affected by the weatherman’s forecast. more »»

Make your voice heard: Eliminate property tax

February 20, 2014 Before it becomes history, it is news. Once printed, newspapers become a public record and can be used in a court of law. more »»

Republican mentality against organized labor

February 19, 2014 Down south there is a Volkswagen assembly plant, and the management there is working with its employees to start a union to represent its workers. more »»

Police action admirable

February 18, 2014 Have you ever thought to yourself “Where are the police when you need them?” Well, in this case, they were right where they were neede. more »»

In support of unions

February 18, 2014 If it wasn’t for our unions in this great country, our working conditions would be comparative to those in China, Indonesia, Mexico and so forth. more »»

‘We shall overcome’

February 18, 2014 A eulogy to Peter Seeger: “We shall overcome” Today is the day to overcome. more »»

Suspected student no reflection of PSU

February 17, 2014 Penn State University’s name shouldn’t be in jeopardy due to the unlawful acts of a Penn State student. more »»

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