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PSU Altoona students should park for free

September 12, 2016 I am writing this in regards to last Tuesday’s article on Penn State Altoona’s parking issues. more »»

Lakemont puts cap on its season

September 12, 2016 Hats off to Lakemont Park for the very enjoyable way to end the summer. There was a variety of things to do. Ricky Lee put on a great concert with a tribute to veterans and the labor force of America. more »»

Church must stress prevention

September 10, 2016 This is one of the most difficult letters for me to write, as it is a desperate criticism of my church. more »»

Shining salute to patriotism

September 9, 2016 If you read Colin Kaepernick’s biography in Wikipedia, you will learn that he has had nothing but success in both the classroom and in athletics. more »»

Additional rail service would benefit region

September 8, 2016 I am writing in reference to the Mirror editorial entitled, “Rail Traffic requires joint effort” on Sept. 1. more »»

Write in candidate before voting for Clinton

September 8, 2016 I’m hearing people say they don’t like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but they’ll just vote for Clinton. Don’t vote for her just because you don’t like him. You have the choice of a write-in vote. more »»

Some Democrats have short memories

September 7, 2016 With reference to the letter of Helen Casner in the Aug. more »»

‘Voters hold key to curbing power’

September 7, 2016 Much like a narcotic, power can corrupt incumbent politicians — both Republican and Democrat. more »»

Eichelberger sets record straight

September 5, 2016 A letter to the editor by Michele Gonsman published on Aug. more »»

‘Never Trumpers’ better wake up

September 3, 2016 To all Republicans: For those of you that can’t seem to figure out what side of the fence you’re on, you better get your head out of wherever you have it stuck. Our country is falling apart around us. more »»

Halvorson ‘still a Republican’

September 3, 2016 The best choice for Congress in the 9th District is Art Halvorson, who serviced his country as a rescue pilot and commanding officer in the U.S. Coast Guard. more »»

Courage to do the right thing

September 2, 2016 An Aug. 16 Mirror article referencing the town hall meeting discussion of the Senate’s failure to support lifting the statute of limitations for past sex offenses reveals only a sliver of truth. more »»

Criticism of Obama unfounded

September 1, 2016 I found the cartoon on Friday’s Opinion page quite offensive to our president. more »»

Stories highlight scouts’ good work

September 1, 2016 It was quite refreshing to read the story on the front page of Monday’s Mirror concerning “Church Bells to Ring Again. more »»

County owes $672 of tax relief

August 31, 2016 When I received my reassessment letter this summer, I was pleased with my appraisal. I was also pleased with the fact that I’m one of the lucky third to receive a huge tax reduction — $21 a year. more »»

Exactly what’s fair taxation?

August 31, 2016 Why did a 58-year interval exist between assessments? The math on many property assessments is erroneous. more »»

Parents can’t shirk their own responsibility

August 30, 2016 Our K through 12 education system does need to be brought into the 21st century, I agree, but it needs to start at the state and federal levels. more »»

Legislators can’t vote against constitution

August 30, 2016 I thought we might be finished with people chastising legislators for not enacting legislation that would violate two constitutions. more »»

Dems covering their own guilt

August 29, 2016 Donald Trump’s goal to block fraud is not misguided as the Mirror wasted type on an article by Ryan Brown. How soon people forget. more »»

Resisting flag sets Altoona back

August 29, 2016 Hats off to Dan Stuckey, who should receive recognition for what he was trying to accomplish for the city of Altoona. To beautify and have the American flag fly with pride is to give merit to him. more »»

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