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Broaden coverage

July 7, 2014 Covering controversial stories at the school I attend is a big no-no. Our school newspaper consists of topics that make our school seem like a happy-go-lucky place. more »»

Service with a smile? Sometimes, it’s difficult

July 6, 2014 I write this letter because my own grandmother did not know the hardships of a waitress before I became one. I have, unfortunately, been a waitress here in Altoona for the past year. more »»

Electric vehicle owners get boost from Sheetz

July 5, 2014 I would like to thank Sheetz convenience stores for their support of electric vehicles in the state. more »»

Limit radar gun use

July 5, 2014 On the subject of legalizing radar guns to law enforcement agencies, only municipalities with a population of 50,000 or more should be licensed to use them. more »»

Don’t substitute names

July 4, 2014 I recently visited an elderly lady in a local nursing home. She is being well taken care of there. While I was there, she was being bathed for her bedtime. more »»

The pride of our city

July 4, 2014 I wish, on behalf of all those who travel Sixth Avenue, to give recognition to the volunteers of Toona Tune Up of the Altoona Area High Schoo. more »»

Unsung garbage heroes

July 4, 2014 We give so much credit and prestige to doctors, lawyers and all professional people, when one group of workers deserve just as much or more — garbage collectors. more »»

Make your holiday a safe one

July 3, 2014 Don’t be on the wrong side of this July 4 holiday’s statistics. more »»

Relax dress code

July 3, 2014 Have you ever gotten a call at home because your child’s outfit for school was a dress code violation? At the Altoona Area School District, the dress code is frustrating to most teenagers,... more »»

More respect needed

July 3, 2014 Free speech should be for everyone in the United States, but there are some people who like to make race an issue, such as the recent basketball team owner, Donald Sterling of the Los Angeles... more »»

Reassessment forum informative first step

July 1, 2014 The initial gathering to explain re-evaluation (reassessment) to the public has to be termed successful in my vie. more »»

Performance superb

July 1, 2014 What a great performance was the Things Unseen Theater’s presentation of Martin McDonagh’s R-rated, dark comedy “The Pillowman” having resumed its run June 19-21 at the Church in the Middle of the... more »»

Resounding rendition

July 1, 2014 I went to the Altoona Area High School graduation. It was really lovely, even though they had to have it inside. more »»

Cartoon in bad taste

June 30, 2014 I am disgusted with the cartoon that was placed on the Opinion page of the June 12 Mirror. How inappropriate to make light of a tragic situation, one where a young woman lost her lif. more »»

Independents shut out

June 30, 2014 I would like someone to tell me why in this day and age I, as an Independent voter, can’t vote in a primary election. I choose to vote for the individual and not be forced to vote for a part. more »»

Military strategy

June 30, 2014 Do you feel we should have troops in other countries? My opinion is yes — if they threaten us first. What do you think should be done about the U.. more »»

Prisoner exchange keeps Obama in bad light

June 29, 2014 I hope anyone who reads this is paying attention to the situation concerning the exchange of one American soldier (who appears to be a deserter) for five — that’s right, five —top-ranking Taliban... more »»

Corbett would be wise to fund PlanCon

June 28, 2014 An article on the front page of the Altoona Mirror on June 1 was headlined by “Lack of funds hurting school. more »»

Response to Benghazi still riddled with lies

June 27, 2014 For all those out there who think that the Benghazi issue is a political stunt, I have a couple of questions that I would like to have answered, and I would hope that you do, too. more »»

Our country’s divisions at an all-time high

June 26, 2014 Today we face a choice for America’s future. more »»

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