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Republican ‘smoke, mirrors’ to blame

January 8, 2016 Today, Pennsylvania faces a crossroads. We all know our commonwealth has a massive structural deficit after years of Republican budgets built on gimmicks. more »»

Police officers earn their day of recognition

January 8, 2016 Each day, 780,000 police officers across our country put on a badge and go to work knowing they may face dangerous situation. more »»

Sandusky one reason pension system’s broken

January 7, 2016 I find it extremely hard to believe that Jerry Sandusky has been awarded his pension plus interest of $211,000 plus $4,900 a month. This is ridiculou. more »»

Nursing center’s care above and beyond

January 7, 2016 When you think of nursing homes, for some reason death comes to mind. I just got discharged from The Center for Nursing Care at 1020 Green Ave. I was unable to care for myself at home. more »»

Grateful for warmth of Christmas spirit

December 30, 2015 We had a very unusual day while shopping a few days before Christmas. First, we were in a local department store, when a young lady approached us. more »»

Appreciate kindness of a gentleman

December 30, 2015 I received my first act of kindness this Christmas Eve. My thanks to the gentleman at the Dollar Tree for purchasing my order. more »»

Be cautious when driving in the fog

December 30, 2015 I would like to know if the people with daytime running lights are aware that the lights on the rear end of their vehicle are not on. more »»

Legislature threatening education’s future

December 29, 2015 Despite Pennsylvania’s budget stalemate approaching half a year, at least one local politician continues to focus his energies instead on attacking teachers, public schools and the pensions of stat... more »»

Combat bad gov’t at the ballot box

December 28, 2015 In the Dec. 2 and Dec. 3 editions of the Mirror, there were more opinions regarding the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment, like any historical document, is subject to interpretatio. more »»

Gesture appreciated

December 28, 2015 On Dec. 17, I was at the Van Zandt VA Medical Center for appointments. more »»

Second Amendment cannot be denied

December 26, 2015 This is in support of a letter by Jeffrey McNelis (Nov. 19 Mirror) in response to a previous letter regarding interpretation of the Second Amendment. more »»

Representation, not unions, failing

December 26, 2015 It seems that every week the taxpayers read in our daily newspaper the bad news of our taxes going up even before the politicians impose the increases due to reassessment taxes, which our... more »»

‘God bless,’ you too

December 24, 2015 Back on Oct. 23 at about 7 p.m., after a procedure at Tyrone Hospital, my husband and I stopped at our favorite Sheetz store. more »»

Warming the heart

December 24, 2015 On Saturday, Dec. 19, my 10-year-old granddaughter, Emma, and I were at Kmart ringing the Salvation Army bell from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. more »»

Obama not helping those on fixed incomes

December 23, 2015 This has been the third time we did not receive a cost of living increase for people who are on Social Security and SSI since Barack Obama took the office of president of the United States. more »»

State Legislature providing bad example

December 23, 2015 What is wrong with the state Legislature? It seems increasingly clear that its agenda is this and only this — to prove that Republicans hate Democrats and Democrats hate Republicans. more »»

’Tis the season for Christmas spirit

December 22, 2015 Christmas spirit is alive and well in Hollidaysburg. more »»

Kane probe ‘tip of iceberg’

December 22, 2015 An appeal has been made to the U.S. more »»

Security eludes gov’t officials

December 21, 2015 Those of us who lived through World War II can see the parallel of today’s invasion of our country by ISIS with Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. more »»

At holiday time, fond memories of yesteryear

December 20, 2015 Happy holidays, everyone. I often sit and remember the good, old days. Let’s go back in time and see if any of you remember ... more »»

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