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Bed bug concerns

August 13, 2014 I am a private concerned citizen who has seen a recent epidemic of bed-bug infestation, and landlords are ignoring this issue. This is outrageou. more »»

‘Our country needs help, and I mean fast’

August 12, 2014 I woke up this morning with a overwhelming feeling of dread. As I sat there thinking about the state of our country and the direction it’s headed, I sank deeper and deeper into a depressed state. more »»

History lesson needed

August 11, 2014 In 2010, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia and the four other corporate plutocratic-minded justices forced the lawyers presenting a suit directed at a portion of the McCain Feingold Campaign Law... more »»

Collusion on gas prices

August 11, 2014 I read your article about the gas prices in Bedford, where gas prices were 40 cents per gallon less than here, and in Lamar, they are 30 cents a gallon les. more »»

Decision to publish article insensitive

August 9, 2014 It is with a broken heart that I write this letter. Can someone, please, tell me the purpose of this article (Aug. 3): “Native accused of killing girl, self. more »»

Congress should rid itself of partisanship

August 9, 2014 Once again I was sickened by the partisan moves that are taking place in our Congress. more »»

Adoption is solution to immigration problem

August 8, 2014 One possible solution for the situation with unaccompanied children flooding our southern border would be to permit the adoption of these children by responsible families. more »»

Neighborhood hits low

August 8, 2014 I read with interest Denny Shore’s letter (July 26) about the neighborhood with the mess. Next door, we have trash and garbage and filth. more »»

Clearing the air on Ramey tax increase

August 7, 2014 With regard to the letter from Carla Mullen of Smithmill regarding the recent ordinance for the 1-mill tax increase to assist in funding the Ramey Fire Company, a few points were misconstrued and... more »»

Human rights are a belief, not a science

August 5, 2014 The current conflict in the Middle East once again has the militant atheists up in arms about how “destructive” all religious belief is and has been to humanity. more »»

PSU Altoona crew shows its kindness

August 5, 2014 Thumbs up to the PSU Altoona maintenance crew that rescued a baby killdeer that had fallen into a drain in the campus parking lot. more »»

Follow France’s lead

August 4, 2014 I’d rather be a good man than a king. I don’t want anyone to follow me or be like me. more »»

Full of ‘half truths’

August 4, 2014 Suhail Shafi’s letter of July 25 calling for an end to Israel’s “assaults” in Gaza and accusing Israel of war crimes is probably one of the most blatant attempts at misleading the public I’ve ever... more »»

Missing cup of tea

August 2, 2014 As reported in the July 21 Altoona Mirror, the Blair County Tea Party held a festival at Legion Park. more »»

Toomey picks banks over senior citizens

August 1, 2014 Is there no low to which Senator Pat Toomey won’t sink? I recently read an editorial that pointed out that Toomey is one of the supporters of a bill that would eliminate funding for a program that... more »»

Gulich Township’s next tax hike not necessary

July 31, 2014 Recently an ordinance was adopted by Gulich Township regarding a 1 mill tax increase to fund the Ramey Fire Company. more »»

Finds jury duty chilling experience

July 30, 2014 Recently, I was summoned for jury duty for the first time in my life, and I found performing my civic duty a chilling experience. more »»

Cartoon selection poor

July 30, 2014 Whoever does the cartoons that defile the president of the United States should be ashamed. President Obama was elected twice — by a majority of votes. more »»

Don’t underestimate role of unions

July 29, 2014 The anti-union rhetoric that has been used of late is troubling to me. Some people in the area are drinking too much of the GOP’s “kool-ai. more »»

Hollidaysburg deserves more transparency

July 28, 2014 My family has been in Hollidaysburg for less than two years, and in that time we have had only a few casual interactions with the Hollidaysburg polic. more »»

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