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Curtail county spending

January 24, 2014 The Blair County commissioners have to start living within our means, not theirs. more »»

Bill taking needed line vs. domestic violence

January 22, 2014 The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence commends the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for unanimously passing House Bill 1796, sponsored by Rep. more »»

Obama administration borders on lunacy

January 21, 2014 During President Obama’s first term, he totally trumped all past administrations in treasury spending without submitting any budgets to Congress. more »»

As temperatures drop, pets must be protected

January 21, 2014 The temperatures are frigid, and everyone should be protecting their pets. I believe dogs and cats are social animals and should be kept inside. more »»

Red Cross never sleeps

January 21, 2014 Is your family as safe as you think they are? Do you know the greatest disaster risk to families in your neighborhood? Believe it or not, it’s home fires. more »»

Rights violated; Snowden deserves clemency

January 20, 2014 In its New Year’s Day editorial, the influential New York Times took a forceful stand in favor of granting clemency to the National Security Agency (NSA) whistle blower Edward Snowden, currently... more »»

Faith in people restored

January 18, 2014 One evening of watching the news, and you’re sure to be left wondering what happened to all the good people in the world. I know I’ve felt that wa. more »»

Gap broadening between halves, nots

January 18, 2014 With all this talk about raising the minimum wage, it appears to me that the gap between the have and have nots is broadenin. more »»

Treatment not serving as deterrent to crime

January 17, 2014 For the past few weeks I have been reading about the prison problem. I’m really amazed by the lack of reality some have about the Dept. of Corrections (DOC). more »»

Vote bill down, and learn to live with coyotes

January 16, 2014 I strongly urge Pennsylvania’s sportsmen to withhold their support of HB1534. This is an act of legislature which, if passed, will place a bounty on coyotes. more »»

Military deserves same benefits as politicians

January 15, 2014 I received this proposal in an email and thought instead of passing it along to 10 people as requested, I would send it to the whole city of Altoona or at least those who read the Mirror. more »»

Mirror edit on UPS lacks Christmas spirit

January 14, 2014 I’d like to nominate the Altoona Mirror for first prize in the “Bah Humbug” category for its editorial on Dec. 27 regarding the trouble UPS had delivering packages by Christmas Eve. more »»

Bills put imperiled species at greater risk

January 13, 2014 Last month marked the 40th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), one of the world’s strongest and most effective wildlife protection laws. more »»

Tired of Obama reign

January 13, 2014 Ah, what a wonderful picture in the Altoona Mirror on Jan. 6 of the president and his daughters returning from their much deserved vacation in Hawaii. more »»

Help save the world:?Please stop smoking

January 11, 2014 I am really worried about the problem of smoking. I am hoping that with this letter, some people will realize that smoking might give them lung cancer. more »»

Practice driving safety

January 10, 2014 Driving to the drug store on a rainy, foggy day, I was amazed at the number of vehicles being driven without headlights. more »»

Be wary of drones

January 10, 2014 The FAA has granted permission for drones to fly in six states across the United States for an all-weather test of their capabilities. more »»

Criticism unfounded

January 9, 2014 I’m writing in response to Robert Leonard’s ridiculous letter from Jan. 3 about the prisoner article in the Mirro. more »»

Rich too often rewarded

January 9, 2014 Now that the corporations have been pardoned from paying for the damage that their heavy vehicles did to Pennsylvania highways, how will the wealthy be compensated by the legislature and the... more »»

‘What would it be like if women wrote Bible?’

January 8, 2014 When Christians show their disdain for gays, I think of the old song: “The Bible Told Me So.” Christians believe everything in the Bible is true and should be obeyed. more »»

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