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Donors should not face higher premiums

May 21, 2016 Many living organ donors today experience higher premiums or denial of insurance coverage based solely on their status as a donor. But hopefully not for long. more »»

Cambria center provides comfort

May 20, 2016 On Nov. 2, 2015, it was determined that my husband needed intensive skilled nursing care. At this time there were extremely limited options in Blair County for placement for him. more »»

Saint Mary’s hopes to be considered

May 19, 2016 I was amused to see my picture on the front page of the May 10 issue of the Mirror, showing me sharing my concerns with the Altoona Area School Board, and disappointed that your reporter did not... more »»

Marriage won’t solve pedophilia

May 18, 2016 Recently there have been several editorials expressing the opinion that if priests were allowed to marry, they would not resort to sexually abusing young boy. more »»

Hollidaysburg show hits the right note

May 18, 2016 I attended the 30-year anniversary show of the Hollidaysburg Community Chorus on Sunday. Sandy Harteis was the director. Her dad, mother and aunt were charter members of this group. more »»

State should follow NJ, Ohio lead on adoptees

May 17, 2016 A new law in New Jersey will give adult adoptees the right to get their original birth certificates as of Jan. 1, 2017. more »»

Memo to Trump: You’re not fooling us

May 17, 2016 Please send this message to Donald Trump. You are not a presidential person. You are a businessman and nothing more. more »»

Catholics must stand together against abuse

May 16, 2016 Bravo, George Foster. His candid open letter to Catholics was bold, blunt and necessary to blast the faithful out of passivity. It is an important question to ask what each Catholic will do. more »»

Story on jailed moms got too much exposure

May 14, 2016 Whoa, really? All you had for Sunday, Mother’s Day was a front-page article on mothers in prison. As a mother of four, I found this article very offensive. more »»

Reid concert deserved more Mirror coverage

May 14, 2016 Shame on you, Altoona Mirror, for all the more coverage you gave to our hometown boy, Mike Reid. The Mishler was packed. He put on a beautiful, funny, sentimental show. more »»

Blame drivers, not police, for chases

May 13, 2016 Point fingers where blame actually lies. A letter was printed by Robert Leonard of Altoona on May 6 blasting police for high-speed chases. more »»

Area now the ‘capital’ of child sexual abuse

May 13, 2016 President Barack Obama said we ignorantly cling to our guns and Bibles in Pennsylvania. Recent Pennsylvanians are more sophisticated. more »»

Nice that Reid stays in ‘Contact’

May 12, 2016 I just got home from a Mike Reid concert, and wow. It brought so many emotions home to me, including how much Altoona has affected a lot of us. Reid’s love for Altoona is heartwarming. more »»

Trump beats the alternative

May 12, 2016 Attention all Republicans who are not thrilled with Donald Trump being the GOP choice for president: Please do not stay away from the polls in Novembe. more »»

What Trump stands for is ‘Republic’s last hope’

May 11, 2016 Every media outlet and political party is on the bash Donald Trump train. Trump is bashed for wanting to invest in our military. more »»

Mandatory celibacy hurting Catholicism

May 11, 2016 My heart goes out to those who have suffered under the clergy abuse scandal, and for those dealing with the spiritual upheaval it has caused. more »»

Disregard for victims of abuse astounding

May 10, 2016 Editor’s note:?Because of several editing mistakes in this letter, which was published Saturday, the Mirror is printing it again. more »»

Disregard for victims of abuse astounding

May 7, 2016 I am absolutely appalled at the slanderous and ridiculous comments posed by Ms. Rose Burkhart, as stated in the letter to the editor (“Ward, McGinnis make right call”) published last week. more »»

Don’t speak for abuse victims

May 6, 2016 This letter is in response to Al Montanaro’s letter in the May 3 edition. I can’t help but wonder how much research he did before writing i. more »»

High-speed chases should be limited

May 6, 2016 I think it is time for all police departments to stop the high-speed chases. more »»

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