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Switch bothersome

June 17, 2014 Why is it that if someone is running for office for a specific party and loses the election, he decides to change parties to run on that ticket and perhaps win? Is there no loyalty to a specific... more »»

Answers still needed

June 17, 2014 I found the recent letter to the editor concerning the Benghazi tragedy somewhat offensive and full of political rhetoric, the same issue that writer seems to despis. more »»

Maintain local control of water system

June 16, 2014 I can’t believe the residents of Altoona and surrounding communities aren’t livid over the thought of leasing our water to an outside entity. more »»

Stop putting focus on weight, muscles

June 16, 2014 Every day millions of teens are exposed to a society that basically tells them how they should look, act and even talk. It gives many teens an unrealistic view of how things are in the real world. more »»

Questions abound over water lease plan

June 15, 2014 I am writing to express my concerns relative to the leasing of the city’s water rights. more »»

Water lease bad idea

June 14, 2014 I’ve been reading all the stories about the potential sale (whoops! I mean lease) of the Altoona Water Authority. Although when you’re looking at 50 years, it’s about the same thing. more »»

Water lease bad idea

June 14, 2014 I’ve been reading all the stories about the potential sale (whoops! I mean lease) of the Altoona Water Authority. Although when you’re looking at 50 years, it’s about the same thing. more »»

Garvey earned honor

June 13, 2014 Having been a volunteer for the last three years at Garvey Manor, I have personally been impressed with the excellent care and respect given to the residents by each and every employee. more »»

Let public make choice

June 13, 2014 The City Council’s proposal to lease the Altoona Water Authority and its holdings is a short-sighted solution with long-term detrimental consequences to the citizens and communities the authority... more »»

Lease report inaccurate

June 13, 2014 The Altoona Mirror reported that it would be difficult for the Altoona Water Authority to meet the criteria on the lease for rate cap controls. more »»

Take care of pets

June 12, 2014 More and more, we see pets being abandoned or turned into strays. There should be more laws and restrictions when it comes to the owning and responsibility of pets. more »»

VA hospital lauded

June 12, 2014 Though deplorable conditions are being uncovered in VA hospitals across the nation, my father’s recent experience with the Van Zandt VA Medical Center in Altoona has been nothing but positive. more »»

Fight illegal drugs for the community

June 11, 2014 You just found out that your son or daughter was dealing/doing drugs. more »»

Offer help to abused

June 10, 2014 Every year, more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States, involving more than 6 million children (some cases have multiple children). more »»

Don’t text and drive

June 9, 2014 Is that winky face worth it? Is that text message worth your life or that of loved ones? Five thousand people die each year from car accidents caused by texting. more »»

Rap lyrics obscene

June 9, 2014 Since the 2000s, lyrics to many rap songs are becoming more and more disrespectful. A lot of raps that have been coming out have bad language and talk about sex, drugs and money. more »»

Politicians chastised

June 9, 2014 Will the Benghazi tragedy which resulted in the deaths of four Americans ever be “put to rest”? Probably not until the Republicans get what they want — their own president of the United States. more »»

Stop beating war drum

June 8, 2014 A letter by William Snyder Jr. (May 15) said President Barack Obama and America had no backbone. Obama didn’t do anything about Syria, Iran or Ukraine. more »»

Provide college aid so everyone can go

June 7, 2014 Everyone knows that college tuition is expensive, but how many of you have actually looked at prices and let it sink in? How many of you have actually realized the severity of these prices? When yo... more »»

What’s with gas prices around the region

June 7, 2014 I would like to know who controls the gasoline prices in Blair County. Is it controlled by a big corporation or what? Prices in Bedford for the last four weeks were 20 cents less than Blair County. more »»

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