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The Prophet of Islam counted the killing of a soul among the four major sins in the sight of God and further added that a true Muslim is the one from whose hands and tongue others are protected. These two sayings of the Holy Founder of Islam prove beyond

November 28, 2015 I wonder if anyone in their right mind can explain to me what the price of gasoline has to do with not getting a raise in Social Security. Gasoline is going down by pennies while inflation is raging. more »»

‘1-percent’ shouldn’t be taken for granted

November 25, 2015 As many of my friends know, I am a big fan of Neil Cavuto. Cavuto had a young woman protester he was interviewing about her stated right to a free college educatio. more »»

Ward, Legion Post 516 did nice job with vets

November 25, 2015 I would like to thank Rep. Judy Ward and the American Legion Post 516 for doing such a magnificent job honoring our veterans this past Veterans Day. more »»

Show Thanksgiving spirit

November 25, 2015 Why do some people already have Christmas decorations up, but not Thanksgiving ones? I just think it is not right. more »»

Governor’s tax plan ‘bait and switch’ tactic

November 24, 2015 The Legislature is correct for voting down state budgets including an increase or expansion of the state sales tax. Gov. more »»

Second Amendment needs to be updated

November 23, 2015 We are all responsible and have the blood of the victims in mass shootings in our country on our hands by our inaction toward sane gun control, but the bloodiest of hands belong to the NRA. more »»

Governor’s tax plan ‘bait and switch’ tactic

November 21, 2015 The Legislature is correct for voting down state budgets including an increase or expansion of the state sales tax. Gov. more »»

Moving timber doesn’t erode soil

November 20, 2015 Moving timber doesn’t erode soil In his Oct. more »»

Children too close to fracking wells

November 20, 2015 PennEnvironment’s new report,“Dangerous and Close,” shows that there are 166 schools and 165 child-care providers within one mile of a permitted fracking well site in Pennsylvania. more »»

‘Judgmental attitude’ bold condemnation

November 19, 2015 In response to Richard Ruth’s “Real Catholics Aren’t Democrats,” I am appalled by his judgmental attitude. To judge 30.7 million Democrats is a pretty bold condemnation. more »»

Second Amendment not about hunting

November 19, 2015 Regarding the Second Amendment, the writer of a recent letter to the editor stated: “If our forefathers had had the foresight to see how it would grow into the present day killing and maiming of the... more »»

Sweeping generalizations on morality are misguided

November 18, 2015 After reading a recent letter, “Republicans should take a glance in the mirror,” (Oct. 29), as a Catholic and a Republican, I decided to do just that. more »»

Writer should have spent night at mansion

November 18, 2015 We enjoyed reading the recent article about reporter Cory Dobrowolsky reportedly spending the night in Baker Mansion up to the point where he left at 1 a.m. more »»

Story, tree planting worthwhile education

November 18, 2015 The “Students plant trees” article from the Nov. 5 edition is an example of education done right. The lesson showed where local flooding happened in our neighborhood. more »»

Accusations were disservice

November 17, 2015 There was a scheduled meeting of the Hollidaysurg Planning Commission a few weeks ago that had to be canceled for the lack of a quorum. more »»

Cost of drugs is out of hand

November 16, 2015 I am most definitely proud to be American, but somehow our country also owns the honor of paying the highest costs for drugs in the world, even compared to other wealthy nations such as Canada,... more »»

Cutting sentences sends bad message

November 14, 2015 In the news the past month we have learned about that person living in the White House and other federal officials reducing jail sentences of convicted criminals because they believe that as many as... more »»

Gov’t puts control over our safety

November 13, 2015 The story in the Mirror (Oct. more »»

Huntingdon House victim of Wolf posture

November 12, 2015 I am writing in response to the closing of Huntingdon House due to the continuing state budget impasse and the unwillingness of the governor to walk away from his broad-based tax increase proposa. more »»

Local school district has itself to blame

November 12, 2015 I am writing in response to a recent news report stating there is a study on why there is such a truancy problem in Blair County schools. more »»

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