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Bo Knows: Meet our pet of the week!

May 10, 2007 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode

Since starting this blog, I’ve been looking forward to featuring the many pets that have come into my life through friends and co-workers. These are the little darlings that bring a smile to our day and provide us with so much unconditional love. If you would like to share your pet with us, please send me a few fun facts along with a photo to

baby jacksonOur First Pet of the Week (not counting Cobalt, our office betta): Introducing “my nephew”, who actually belongs to my good friend, Marlene. She is as crazy an animal-lover as I am (all of us) and shares the following info. about her boy:

Name: Jackson. He was already named when we got him (after Bo Jackson) and despite my best efforts to convince my boyfriend to change his name to Elvis, we kept Jackson.

Siblings: sister, Ashley Sueeeeee (we’ll feature her later)

Age: He's a very young 10! 
The very first day I bought my house I could not WAIT to get a dog, so I went with some Airwalk (where I worked at the time) friends to the humane society. There we met a woman in the parking lot crying. She had the last two of a litter that she had been unable to find homes for - Jackson and his sister. I decided on the spot to take the little guy (he was about two months old at the time).  Since you're not permitted to exchange the "goods" on humane society property (there was a mean old enforcement officer staring us down) we went across the street. Of course, how could anyone leave the other ”precious necious” (our term of endearment) go in to the humane society all alone, so my friend took Jackson's sister!  YAY! He's been the king of Quail Avenue and the love of my life ever since.
Breed: Jackson's dad is a black lab, his mother an English Setter.
Jackson's favorites: Papa Johns pizza, Frosty Paws, Greenies, curling up with his mom for lots of love, and wrestling with little sister Ashley Sue (although he'd deny it).
Jackson's least favorites:  bunnies, anyone within his eyesight as he patrols Quail Avenue, and most of all, the dreaded bath!!!  All I have to do if he is misbehaving is say "Do you want a bath?" and he's instantly an angel.
And most importantly to note - HE'S HANDSOME!!!

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