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Food for thought

March 22, 2007 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode

More and more reports are surfacing about the potential health benefits of feeding your dog a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some people have even lost their minds, I mean turned to preparing a strict diet of organic meats, fruits and veggies for their canine companions. (I hope my girls never hear about this). I try to stay abreast re: the latest findings on this topic, but much of the research is still inconclusive.

One argument is that before companies started to manufacture dog food, dogs only ate human food and seemed to do just fine. Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing Laura Ingalls serve Jack a scoop of Purina Pro Plan.

The opposing view is that dog food is formulated specifically to meet the proper nutritional needs of our pets.

In the meantime, I will continue to rely on my own personal, in-house medical expert and Golden matriarch, Jesse. If you are a firm believer in feeding your pets only pet food, I respect your decision whole-heartedly and ask that do not take offense to the following which might contain graphic material for some readers:

If the vacuum doesn't catch it, Jess does. If it's fit for canine consumption, it's good enough for Jess. There are not too many “people” foods that Jess doesn't like.

I adopted Jess 2 years ago through the Central PA Golden Retriever Rescue. She is such a good girl. Jess is the epitome of a loyal Golden. I feel so blessed. Jess is now 12-years-old. She is sporting a full beard, mustache, overgrown “eyebrows”, a cataract, two back legs that can't seem to keep up with her front, an array of ghastly, indistinguishable odors that she emits from all orficis of her body. Jess is now to the age that my vet doesn't even have the heart to give her any more shots. “Keep her happy,” he instructed. I figure at 12+ years, she has earned the right to have a bite of my apple, banana, toast, etc, now and again.

If you are one of the brave to venture into the land of sharing people food, it is important to limit the amount you give and watch for signs that a food does not agree with your pet. (loose bowels, throwing up, lethargic behavior, no desire to eat or drink, etc). I am not doctor, nor do I profess to be an expert. Jesse told me.

And, aside from list of foods known to be potentially poisonous to pets, I would like to offer you on one additional item that I would strongly recommend never feeding your dog:


Let's just let that one go….

No pun intended.

To People Food or Not To People Food, That Is The Question: Share your knowledge, stories, antidotes, and tips, we'll learn together!

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