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Welcome to ChewChew

August 3, 2014 - Shasta Langenbacher
I want to welcome you all the the Mirror’s new recipe blog, ChewChew.

ChewChew is a play on words for ChooChoo, something we Altoids know a thing or two about. I like celebrating things that make our area unique, so ChewChew is my way of acknowledging Altoona’s heritage.

This is a blog for the everyday cooks, the moms who have so much going on, the men trying to show a lady-friend that he can indeed make more than one nice meal, and the college kid who needs to make meals that doesn’t involve a microwave or Easy Mac.

This is also for the cooks who want to experiment, find a new twist on an old favorite, or just are fed up with their basic rotation. I love cheese, so you’ll find all kinds of cheesy goodness on here, and I like making vegetarian food sometimes. I’m tinkering around with making things a smidge healthier, so you’ll find hybrid recipies, too. Basically, I cook a lot of random, cheesy things.

My kitchen is not fancy, and I tend to MacGyver my way around (I used the inside of my perfect brownie pan as a rack to roast more than one turkey. FYI, it’s messy, but works.), but there are a few tools I just can’t live without. You’ll see them along the way.

I am also going to have a Pinterest account linking each recipe so you can find it easily and stash it away for when you need something tasty.

My recipes come from my friends, my grandma and mom, the Internet and all kinds of other places. I will cite and source as much as I can.

I hope you enjoy seeing what I’m making in my kitchen and get inspired to try it in your own.


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