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Juxtaposition is Fun to Say

July 18, 2014 - Amanda Gabeletto
I chose to call my blog "House of Gab" because I wanted to incorporate my last name, and I really love the juxtaposition of the proper-sounding "House of" and the slang of "Gab."

Besides with all things royal so hot right now, I'm talking to you "Game of Thrones," why not?

There's something so beautiful when things get all mixed up and unexpected elements come together in harmony, like pairing a rustic farm table with posh tufted chairs or setting it atop a graphic rug. It's the chandelier over the-bathtub concept, just re-working it with fresher elements.

This post is a good example of a style I'm fond of and what I'll dreamily classify as glamorous bohemian flea market. Another accurate classification, free stuff painted.

I have had these dressers (photos to the right) for years. I've moved 29 times in my life, so I'm a bit of a nomad and these dressers have stored clothes in a lot of places. They are actually my best friend's childhood dressers, as weird as that may seem.

The dressers were my biggest effort so far in fixing up our bedroom, the neglected decorating space in many a home. I've always wanted to paint them. Recently when I had some consecutive days off I decided to go for it.

The hub wasn't too pleased when he discovered that I had lugged the dressers and then their drawers down to my little workshop area under our porch myself. In that way, I'm a bit like my father, Mr. Full-steam Ahead. I've chosen to see it as a charming attribute.

I lightly sanded and then painted each piece with a semi-gloss in the color "Secret Locket." I'm enjoying the gray trend right now, and, come on, that name just screams: Paint a dresser with me!

I spray painted the handles with a glossy black several times to get into all the nooks and crannies.

I rotated what I was painting so that while one piece was drying I could work on a second coat for another piece. That way I wasn't wasting time waiting for parts to dry. I felt very clever for that.

Not so clever, was not sanding the glossy tops of the dressers enough to keep the paint from coming up when I placed any item --- a feather, a Q-tip, a whisper --- on top of my masterpieces.

Sigh. Where did I lay that sandpaper?

I love contrasting the dressers with some old colorful books and the brightness of the rag rugs, but really it would look lovely with all white accessories too.

Overall, I'm pleased with the results.

Funny, that after wanting for years to toss these childhood relics and buy grown-up furniture for our bedroom that it would turn out so well.

Just another example of the beauty of unexpected harmony.

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Before. Note the duct tape marks on the drawers, traces of the many moves with its lazy owner.