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Penn State students, I have a question

November 20, 2013 - Darian Somers
I don't understand a lot of things at Penn State.

The list is truly endless. Why no student is a member of the BoT, why they never made the Bryce Jordan Center ice ready for hockey, and why Chick-Fil-A doesn't stay open later in the HUB. I don't understand why LionCash works as meal points, but not the other way around or what the Willard preacher is actually talking about. To be fair, you probably don't understand why I sleep in a tent three nights a week (sometimes less because Penn State doesn't allow it due to weather) to stand in the front rows of Beaver Stadium.

I do, though, just like you may also understand why meal points don't work as LionCash.

Of all the things I don't understand, this issues that plague me the most are about fandom.

I don't understand why students leave early before Thanksgiving weekend when they've already bought a ticket. Sure, family vacations are planned, and things come up, but I don't understand why students treat each opponent differently. I'm not boasting as a superfan here. I'm just asking why.

Does Bill O'Brien say, "Ahh, screw this. It's Eastern Michigan, we don't have to prepare?" Or do players say, "Forget about playing against Nebraska on Saturday, it's break."

No, they don’t.

They treat every game the same.This isn't a call for students to show up early to the games or show up at all. This isn't me pleading with you to come, and it's not me complaining about the attendance at Beaver Stadium this year. In fact, most of the student body that holds tickets won't read this. Sure, I'll share it on my Twitter and Facebook, and it may get bounced around some, and sure, this isn't in the Daily Collegian or on Onward State, two of the voices of Penn State. It's on a website of a newspaper 45 minutes away from Happy Valley.

That's fine.

I'm sure this won't change your mind either. This is just me questioning your logic and me asking you to think about it. Let me put it in these terms: When you go to a good movie, do you leave early because you want to?

No. You stay because you paid the money to see the movie that's pretty good. To me, Penn State football is like a movie. Inside Beaver Stadium, I've laughed, cried both happy and sad tears, had my heartbroken and fell in love, with some insane plot twists along the road. (Still didn't see the Michigan kicker missing that kick coming.)

When you don't use a student ticket, it's about 30 bucks down the drain. Knowing and being one of you, 30 bucks can buy a lot of good sodas. (Or a couple cases of crappy Natty.)

When you don't go to a football game, it's like saying, "oh, this game doesn't matter."

It does to the players. It does to the local State College economy. It does to the people who want to be there. Look, I don't care if you skip a game. I do care when you don't treat Nebraska the same as Michigan this year, Ohio State in '05 or 400 against Northwestern.

So students -- the ones that read this and aren't going Saturday to senior day-- I'm asking you to ask yourself a question. Why do you treat each game differently? Players don't. Other fans don't. The media doesn't. Coaches don't. Businesses don't.

Why do you treat other games differently?

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